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  1. Really good song. Pretty piano part in the Verses. I would use the distorted guitar and with a different sound, only in the chorus, not in the second verse. For me the song is missing some acoustic guitars. The vocal melodys are strong. With a little work on the arrangement this one could be very good. Nice job. Keep rockin !!
  2. It`s all a shame. Axl is not an Artist anymore. He is a mostly a performer for the past 20 years, Performing the same Songs over and over again almost on Autopilot These days. Slash and Duff are back on board but they have no Control over Axl and he doesn`t give a fuck About releasing Music. Like another user here said he became the guy he once hated, Living on his back catalog and not evolving or taking a Risk. Duff just said in the Jonesy Interview how cool it was the Ozzy Sessions, recording 9 tracks in 4 days. He also said thats how a rock band should operate. It`s sad that this is n
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