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  1. Reznor has been saying for 20+ years that that story is made up and not true. Which, I guess, was one of the reasons he cut ties with him back in the day.
  2. This. So much this. After all these years I still hear new things. I love it. Final version of There Was A Time is such a masterpiece, for example. Though, I got to say I do love the demos too. Especially the bass-heavy versions. And IRS '99 has an amazing, untouchable vibe. I guess I love all those versions. I love the songs and it's cool to have different versions of them.
  3. I think any chance of Velvet Revolver coming back died with Weiland.
  4. In my opinion, they kinda had. Illusions have some of Guns' greatest songs, but as albums they are a bit disjointed. They are good albums, but they had the potential to be great albums.
  5. I'm no mixing expert, but I dabble a bit with songwriting and stuff, and I've found that when it comes to rock and metal, it's important to give space for bass and drums. They lay the foundation which in turn helps the guitar shine. But I'm not critizing your song or anything, it's cool stuff The thought just came to my mind.
  6. Sounds like a cool mixture of metal and punk. The drums could be a tiny bit louder for my taste. But all in all, not bad at all. Good stuff
  7. This. It's an okay-ish song, but nowhere near the quality Guns is able to produce. If I would be the manager of Guns, I'd make sure they'd release three singles before releasing a full length record. #1 WTTJ meets Chinese Democracy -type rocker #2 An acoustic ballad #3 A Guns epic combining elements from the two previous songs Then WHAMMO! Album out and let the world (read: this forum) go nuts! But pinball machines are all we get 😅
  8. I once really liked Sixx AM and I still think they have a handful of legitimate good songs, but holy heck, that was bad. It's like these days mainstream rock bands are afraid of making rock music. It's ridiculous.
  9. He still didn't run around during the AC/DC shows (because he didn't "want it to make it about him" or whatever the reason was, which IMO was pretty considerate and cool). So that made him probably sound even better, because being still and standing gives you more control of your voice, than being still and sitting down.
  10. "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent, 2008
  11. I guess it's a matter of either wanting to air you dirty laundry in public or not. I mean, everyone has some dirt on people they know well, but you can choose to be classy and respectful. And obviously Duff chose that route and told an interesting and reflecting story of his journey without throwing anyone under the bus. I think there's nothing wrong with that.
  12. I don't understand how you can be the manager of a legendary mainstream band and not have a marketing / social media plan? Then, instead of being professional, you diss your band's diehard fans on reddit and make excuses. Jesus...
  13. Downloaded it, but haven't read it Based on these tidbits and quotes, it's a) going to be an awkward read and b) no wonder they don't want him involved with the reunion. Telling your side of the truth is one thing, but airing your dirty laundry in public is just kind of embarassing.
  14. Nice to see proshot material of them performing, but that mix... yikes! But hopefully they keep releasing more of these (with better audio). Cool stuff.
  15. Beating a dead horse here, but Alice Cooper just released a new song freshly recorded with a video, which has sections/frames self-filmed by his fans at their homes. That's how you keep your fanbase engaged. Guns just keep us enraged.
  16. "Digest ideas" and "deliver the message to the masses"? Seriously? You need to veil your lack of ideas/vision with that kind of dated jargon? I hate to be negative and trash the management team, because they might be lovely people in real life, but holy heck how hard is it to release live videos on your social media sites in the year 2020? How is everything soooo hard for this management? They are always "seriously looking at" things that other bands do with relative ease.
  17. This whole children's book debacle shows that the manager(s) of Guns N' Roses don't really understand the brand of the band. Or actually, they don't understand what branding itself means. Laundry bags, toy trucks, children's books... They just cheapen the whole image of the band. With KISS it works because it's SO over the top. Like, everybody's in on the joke. (And not to mention KISS has put out tons of music and they are very fan-friendly with their communication.) But with Guns N' Roses it just feels poorly designed, cheap and desperate. The band itself is very professional when
  18. It sure is! I just listened to it earlier today. Back when Chinese Democracy wasn't released and the only songs that were out were live versions of Chinese Democracy, Madagascar and The Blues, I listened to those Ghosts of Mars songs that have Buckethead and Robin Finck, and imagined how Chinese Democracy would sound like
  19. "Gn'R Machine" I get the feeling that Sorum's ego colors some of the stories, but that is a pretty good description of this version of Gn'R. I don't know, maybe it's the years spent on this forum bitching about everything and getting cynical about the band, but Slash and Duff do seem a bit more corporate these days. I'm still happy about the reunion, though.
  20. Make those onesies adult sized and slap a tiny chubby cherub version of Axl on biker shorts on them and you got yourself a deal, fam!
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