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  1. Both are good songs, but Absurd sounds more honest, whereas Hard Skool sounds a little bit paint by the numbers. I guess casual fans dig Hard Skool more, but they will forget it come next year. Absurd one the other hand will be talked about. Some will love it and some will absolutely hate it. And I think that's the point of music. Making something that sparks a reaction. Guns N' Roses should embrace that with new music. I mean, it's what they used to do. Not every song they released was great, but they always sounded honest.
  2. I don't think there is anything they can do to not be considered a legacy act. By casual fans, anyway. Us die-hards are a different breed. I'll buy anything they sell when it comes to new music, but most of all I would like to see them release music that reflects who they are now, as a band. I mean, they are millionaires nearly twice my age, but I still wish they'd release something I could relate to. Lyrically and musically. It's really sad they broke up in the 90's and never got the chance to really evolve. Thank The Void there are other bands in the world.
  3. I like both Absurd and Hard Skool, but they sound like tour samples to me. If they release an album I hope those songs are not on it. I mean, after Duff's last solo album, Slash's Anastasia and CD's TWAT, for example, it would be a pity, if they would release a record with those songs on it, because they can write stuff that is so much better.
  4. They don't take over even classic rock stations, if the quality of the new songs is on the same level as Hard Skool and Absurd. I mean, I really do dig them because they are new songs from Guns N' Roses, but in the end they do sound like B-sides. Good B-sides, but still... Making a some kind of impact with new music would require them to release songs on par with their past hits. But to be fair, I don't think they are aiming for that anyway. Which is fine by me. I'll take whatever they release and be happy
  5. I like both of them, but I was (and still am) more hyped for Absurd. My only gripe with it is the use of same lyrics on the verses, but other than that it is a real banger! It sounds a bit more honest and fun than Hard Skool, like a true experiment and effort to create something different. Hard Skool sounds a bit like Shadow of Your Love or like an AfD b-side. But on the other hand it has all the elements of a classic hard rocking Guns N' Roses song (sans swinging/groovy drums) and you can't hate that. The solo is pretty cool and emotive, the vocal melodies are catchy, Duff's bass intro... It is a good song. I guess the main reason why I like Absurd a bit more, is the fact that if the band continues to play new songs live, those songs should, in my opinion, be songs that Axl can sing live without struggling too much and really tear it up. I mean, I take anything I get, be it vocals from ´99 or whatever, because it really doesn't matter when your listening at home. But as a fan I obviously like to root for this band and I wish they'll be able to wow audiences years to come. And have some creative spark.
  6. Releasing new songs? Promoting new songs? Posting pictures of Axl on social media?... Who are you and what you have done to my Guns N' Roses?!
  7. That setlist was pretty damn good! Something for everyone. Based on those videos of Hard Skool, I wish the band writes (or re-tools) songs that can be sung on a lower register. But still, it's cool that they are doing new songs. Also, the shows at this leg look really fun and the whole band seems to be really into it. Good time to be a Gn'R fan!
  8. Oh, those are so GOOD! I listened to that mash-up EP just a month or two ago for the first time in a couple of years and that mash-up of If the World and Slither is And also the song you mentioned. Just awesome.
  9. From what I've read, most bands write the music first and melodies plus lyrics second. That's also the way I write songs, because I think it's way easier to come up with a melody when you have chords, because you can "find" the notes of the melody from the notes of the chords. Doing it the other way sounds a bit too difficult or complicated to me. But then again, I've gotten used to doing it that way. So, I guess it's all about what works for you personally. And I am more of a rhythm guy, than a melody guy, so that also factors in. If you find melody easier than rhythm, it makes sense to do the melodies first.
  10. I liked Absurd a bit more (sans the repeated lyrics in the verses), because it sounds like an experiment, where the band is having fun, where as Hard Skool seems like a more honest attempt at making a Guns-sounding song, but it kinda lacks that little extra swagger and swing. The absence of those worked on Chinese Democracy, because they weren't hard rock songs, which Hard Skool clearly is. It's in no way a bad song and it is VERY catchy, but it sounds a bit too tight and over-produced. It doesn't breath and everything sounds like they are played to a clicktrack. But if I let go of my analyzing side, I can honestly say I like it. I listened to it like 20 times yesterday, so it obviously doesn't suck. And in the end, it is so cool to have new Guns N' Roses music!
  11. I hate that "I fixed this song for you" -attitude on those videos. I mean, if you want to do a cover version with more guitar, different arrangement, different emphasis on the mix or whatever, then awesome! F'N'™ great! But trashing the song and "fixing" it? Like, you know better than the band who wrote song? Why don't you write an original song and put your money where your mouth is? Sorry for the rant
  12. I don't think he is bad, but from what I understand he plays (or played) differently than what Duff and Slash were used to and maybe vice verse. I guess the band does sound a bit more cohesive and swagger-y now with slower tempos compared to pre-Covid tour
  13. These two phrases don't really compare. Other one is about exploiting one's position of power to degrade women in real life situations and other one is lyrics.
  14. Thank for posting this! It's an interesting read. I always love to read about musicians' backgrounds and how they get/end up doing what they do. Melissa is obviously really talented. And needed. Playing stadiums and arenas warrants for a little boost on making the overall sound a bit bigger. In my opinion, anyway. If they were playing clubs it would be a different story.
  15. Is that really an issue when the majority of people are seeing only one show per tour?
  16. What?! Are you telling me that there are tens of thousands of people attending these concerts who haven't heard of an obscure 20 year old unreleased Guns N' Roses demo? Absurd!
  17. This all pure speculation of course, but I think he dealt with some serious mental health issues, on and off, between the late 90's and early 2000's. I mean, I've dealt with things like that, as have many others, so you can kind of read between the lines that his behavior (not getting anything done, no clear direction with anything, being "flakey", being bitter and angry, being late to everything, procrastinating etc.) at the that time is a classic example of someone having mental health issues. That doesn't fully excuse him, but it does explain some of it. I mean, suddenly becoming one of the world's biggest rockstars and having insane amounts of money must fuck up your head. Especially when you're sensitive and a tad volatile to begin with. Add having your relationships with your spouses and bandmates blowing up. It's no wonder why the original band went tits up.
  18. Will we be satisfied when they finally play Hard Skool? Do we start screaming for a third new song? And what about when the album drops? How long will we be content with it? "They have a vault full of songs! I want... nay, demand... to hear them!" It's almost like the band performs for live audiences and not for us forum nerds
  19. She released an EP in 2007, that has a song called 'Old Skool'
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