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  1. In a world where United beat PSG in Paris... Again. People lost money probably.
  2. I joined in what? '02? '03? it's kind of an old habit now. Where else am I gonna get my periscope links when the band gigs? Letting go is a choice. That's all on the individual.
  3. And yet, that's the most memorable scene in any Spiderman movie ever made.
  4. Don't know about "want", but if they put them out I'll probably watch 'em
  5. For other bands maybe, this is a band that's put out Jungle, PC, SCOM, YCBM. Hardschool is a spec of dust you flick of your shoulder compared to those.
  6. And, the single has to be good. It can't be Hardschool or some BS like that.
  7. That'll have to keep everyone content until they can tour again.
  8. It was great, I could hear the Pete Townsend chord inversions all over his playing. He could even mimick the keyboard parts. Ed was a big fan.
  9. Would've been cool if they had a couple of those machines ready to play at the big stadium shows
  10. Maybe not, what if the new stuff is merely ok. CD wasn't that great after all.
  11. I don't think there's any chance of that anyway
  12. Does the book talk about the band Steve almost made with Slash before VR?
  13. Don't know if I'd pick Gilby over Fortus. Especially for the CD material. Hell, Slash didn't even pick him for Velvet Revolver.
  14. Any output would be better than the 0 they keep giving us. As far as professionalism goes, if you don't or can't do the work, don't sign the contract.
  15. And we thought the wait for Chinese Democracy was long
  16. All probably by that guy that claims every GNR youtube video
  17. They can just remaster and release from the Rock In Rio show
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