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  1. Well done for sticking with it if it's not your typical kind of thing really glad you liked it despite that!
  2. Studio: Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven Live: Axl, Ron, Richard, Robin, Tommy, Dizzy, Chris, Brain/Frank Overall, the 2006 line-up is my favourite. They played blistering rock n' roll shows.
  3. One for the metalheads of the forum (wee warning, there are death metal growls, so it won't be for everyone):
  4. Wait until he hears about the Gender Recognition Act in Scotland...
  5. In fairness, the alt-right's adopted definition of "red pilled" is a pretty recent development that I'd imagine is pretty far removed from the Wachowskis' original idea.
  6. The entire premise of the franchise is literally "getting woke", so I feel like that particular hope may be somewhat misplaced.
  7. Jotunheimen is such a cool place name... giant country.
  8. Amazing! In Scotland we have a lot of residual glacial geomorphology, and it looks pretty similar, but over the sea in Norway it's still an active process. Stunning photos, dude.
  9. I'm just surprised that Sidney Powell had the intellectual capacity to become a qualified lawyer...
  10. Goodbye to a stalwart of rock music. The Rolling Stones have been a constant influence on global pop culture for such a long time, it's strange to even imagine a world without them, but we're without one of them tonight and poorer for it.
  11. I would like to throw in another vote for Rock Am Ring 2006. Also a contender (and probably my pick) for the greatest performance of Nightrain.
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