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  1. Tonight I uploaded a cover of Trains by Porcupine Tree to YouTube, it's been a constant favourite of mine for many years and I had originally uploaded a version of it back in 2009. I definitely feel way older , but I think I might be better at some of the subtleties of the song now, and it's really weird to hear how I instinctively removed my accent from my singing when I was younger. A friend of mine pointed out how absurd it is that most Scottish people try to sound like Americans or English people when we sing, and ever since then I've tried to embrace my own accent in my singing, so m
  2. Some more volcnadoes for Soulie and Spunko...
  3. Mixing up your mounds leads to all sorts of trouble.
  4. I had a friend who, for a couple of days, had HWC by Liz Phair stuck in his head...
  5. I'm sure there are lots of other pointless injustices in the world like this - but holy shit, poor guy. He's not a criminal and is arguably living a worse reality than some convicts.
  6. It's so confusing watching the two of you debate because you have practically the same avatar.
  7. I mostly remember feeling like I was the only person on the board who had no enthusiasm for Slash and Duff coming back and was bitterly disappointed that the CD-era line-up had fallen apart. With the euphoric atmosphere in here, it felt like being at the afterparty for a sports tournament you'd lost, or being at your ex-girlfriend's wedding or something .
  8. This is the most beautiful volcano footage I've ever seen:
  9. So, are you saying that if the Scottish electorate do vote for a majority of MSPs standing on the policy platform of holding an independence referendum, that should not count for anything and be completely ignored? With the greatest of respect, if you're looking to keep people's faith in democracy, that sounds like a much more appallingly dangerous precedent to set than holding referenda more frequently than "once in a generation". Especially when between the last vote and now, we have seen the biggest material change of circumstances in the last half-century, and one which directly contravene
  10. If the people of Scotland elect a majority of representatives who have "hold an independence referendum" in their manifesto (either from the SNP, the Green Party or independently), then there's a democratic mandate for a referendum to be held. Generational frequency shouldn't come into the equation. I would argue the same if a party were elected to the UK Parliament with a second referendum on EU membership (although I think that's unlikely). In a democracy, no politician or party should be able to look at the result of a plebiscite and decide whether they will 'allow' it to take its cour
  11. In 2017, after five years out of continental competition Rangers were ranked 308th in Europe and unceremoniously dumped out by the fourth-ranked teams in Luxembourg. In the subsequent three seasons we've jumped up 247 places to 53rd, reached the last 16 of the competition from the early qualifying rounds twice and overcome (if you apply the knockout-tie rules to group games) Maribor, Rapid Vienna, Villarreal, Midtjylland, Legia Warsaw, Porto, Feyenoord, Braga, Willem II, Galatasaray, Standard Liege, Benfica, Lech Poznan and now Royal Antwerp (among others). A long way to go, but when you consi
  12. I didn't know her well personally, but she was around here long enough that she was an important part of the fabric and the story of this place. I'm really sorry to hear that she's gone.
  13. (For those who don't speak Scottish Football, he means that the Sun are reporting Celtic have sacked Neil Lennon).
  14. Well, it's unlikely to be straightforward, but there are signs pointing in that direction. During the first referendum, independence wasn't that popular to begin with - it had about 25% support when the vote was announced in 2011 and that grew to 45% over the course of the campaign, that being the final 'Yes' vote total in the 2014 referendum. In the years after the referendum, the demographics basically stagnated at 55% No-45% Yes, although support for independence did creep up to around 48% after the Brexit vote, this wasn't seen as earth-shatteringly significant because it was sti
  15. This is a brilliant analogy - it's a frankly moronic way to conduct a trial.
  16. Be sad for us Scots at least, we didn't vote for this and are now being put through it by the Tory wankers anyway.
  17. I think the volcanoes are one step ahead of us, plotting to develop lava that even go-pros can't resist.
  18. That'll do, Scotland. That'll do.
  19. This is, I suppose, the downside for those who joined GN'R for the Chinese Democracy recording and tours, that there would be people (and quite a lot of people) who would always be convinced that their predecessors were infinitely better musicians purely because of who they were.
  20. Not the same universe as the Jackson one - but yes, the same universe as the other two Legendary Godzilla films and Skull Island.
  21. The latter, they set that up in Kong: Skull Island by pointing out that he was an adolescent and still had a lot of growing to do.
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