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  1. no I don't think so. Bob's mixes are very early ones and Axl's Advance Copy is supposed to be very late ones. someone correct me in this pls, if I'm wrong.
  2. yep I also don't remember how these got out. their origin is clear, but I don't know wtf these vids were part of.
  3. I did some investigation and this is the list of the clips which slipped out who knows how - all of them have recklessroad.com watermark tho, so legit (all Guns N' Roses): 1986-03-28 - The Roxy - Welcome To The Jungle (00:49) 1986-05-01 - The Central - Move To The City (00:51) 1986-07-21 - Bogart's - Out Ta Get Me (00:45) 1986-09-13 - Music Machine - Mr. Brownstone (00:53) 1986-10-31 - Ackerman Hall - Nightrain (00:56) 1988-08-16 - Giants Stadium - Paradise City (00:28)
  4. => this only implicates that they either did one rehearsal (#3) without a bass player, then Duff jammed with Izzy and then they did the rehearsal we know of (#4) which was the final one, or they skipped the #3 rehearsal completely and counted the Izzy/Duff jam as a rehearsal. otherwise Raz saying that rehearsal was #4 doesn't make sense.
  5. but still there's that quote about "time for two rehearsals before the show". are you sure?
  6. so you're saying the Raz interview rehearsal was also the last one and the first Duff session was just with Izzy? I got lost in that.
  7. that would mean they did 5 rehearsals. because the last one according to Razz: "With only enough time for two rehearsals before the debut show, Izzy taught Duff most of the material at home, and everything got tightened up at high decibels inside Wilpower Studios. Ole was surprised when I broke the news to him, but didn’t argue or even ask me why until years later." so they did two rehearsals with Duff.
  8. that army grade one, which they use for parachuting light tanks from C-130s.
  9. just don't forget to do backups regularly. you never know who's lurking around and trying to get stuff taken down
  10. updated mostly with pieces of very early 1985 GNR history (the timeline of the first rehearsals before the band went to play their first show and band member changes). huge thanks to @Shackler's for invaluable help, more is to come.
  11. what you're doing and have done so far easily dwarfs my own research (which I initially just had to made for myself to clear out my own confusion in all the studio sessions, so that's why the sheet covers only those) that sheet I made and the table (shit, I forgot to update that one, I have to fix that) are of course free to use for anyone, and as always everyone is welcome to suggest fixes and additions. now that Marc Canter hopefully reveals some more information about the super old era years, us all could be happy to bring some new pieces of information into our particular info co
  12. DM sent. besides the lists above, I think there were more clips related to RR released back then. two examples for all - Nightrain from Ackerman Hall and OTGM from Bogart's 86. I was told that more of such clips were released (accidentally?) back then, but I was never able to get a complete list.
  13. additional mp3 files which were apparently available on the website: 851220_Nightrain_Intro.mp3 860328_Axl_Talking_Intro+Paradise.mp3 860405_Slash_Whiskey.mp3 860823_Slash_First_Top_Hat.mp3
  14. thanks to my friends who managed to grab a snapshot of old gnrsource website, I managed to get the lists! not the files though. yet. Overview of Reckless Road online audio extras (shows and rehearsals) all audio is 128kbit/s [streamed files are in italic] Date / Location Recording [original naming from the page] Band Pages 1981.06.10 Los Angeles, CA 837781_06_01_Party_01.mp3 (1:30min) Tidus Sloan
  15. bump. was anyone able to compile a complete collection of whatever audio/video content was bundled together with the book? I'd finally love to be able to complete the thing. and if not the files themselves, then at least a complete list of the stuff. youtube links mentioned in this and also other topic here were of course taken down, and I'd prefer to have the original files uploaded without youtube compression of course.
  16. sad to see another sane one going away, fed up with the clownshow called GNR. but as the others already said, it's pretty understandable. I know very well the feeling, that's why I'm inactive on the forums lately as well, and minding my own (other) business.
  17. + 35th anniversary is coming fast, that probably will be next milestone for milking out AFD again. and then 40th anniversary. they pretty much don't care about UYI and pretend ChiDem never existed. easy money.
  18. these fuckers don't care about any "new album", they are already drowning in millions thanks to re-iterating AFD, endlessly touring, and just having made that reunion - all that means they earned enough to live happily until their last days. so no, they have no reason to make any additional effort to make an actual album (which would probably never be successful enough compared to their old 80's/90's era). so probably there's only the label remaining, which we can assume is greedy for any money they can grab. hard to say if that "power" is "powerful enough" in this case.
  19. shit like this always has tons of casuals who buy it just for the brand. even if there was a literal shit smashed on the tshirt with GNR brand around it, it would be a huge profit. that's just how it is.
  20. well... hard to say, I don't have enough time to focus on this at the moment. but it depends if we have any timeframe when Bill was hired - so we could pinpoint the timeline better. at this point all we know is, when the Mixes with Q-Sound tape was recorded and mixed, but we don't know who mixed them. or do we?
  21. small edits here and there, added bits of info. I guess this is all we can do at this point.
  22. maybe he in fact wasn't lying and the new album will be released in 6 months... at any given moment. so right now - wait for October
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