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  1. i really hope they can do some promo for Hard skool , the usual hit the late night shows, maybe play in a morning show??. do some interviews? hit some small clubs? do some acoustic sessions? like VR/Slash have done before. play an online show from the rehearsal studio? play arenas in december?? like Long island NY ( i live here, Fernando you better f'n read this)
  2. i think a voice lift will fix mickey problems. his clean voice could sound like 01-02.. he would have to re-learn how to rasp.
  3. now we are talking about professional musicians? I remember the "awesome" guy butchering the songs that made the band famous, or bucket ( he is awesome) not playing the same solo twice, then people complaining that ashba couldn't play finck solos ( double standards)
  4. why does he should give a shit? 99% of the people attending do not go to see CD songs, most of the fans crying about Slash playing, are those same saying the band sounded great 2001-14 etc. 01-07 was a fucking mess (imo) songs didn't sound right. ( i don't wanna talk about Finck playing)
  5. Coldplay (i don't like it) released a single the same day and it's on 31M views already, with an album coming at the end of October. even the remix of that single got 2M views already ( 1 day or so ago).
  6. how the fuck did Rose spend 15 millions recording so little then?
  7. so you telling me that Axl didn't record any new vocals at Slash home studio in spring 2019'?
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