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  1. Thinking of driving up from Louisville, KY to attend this show...I had some luck with the ticket prices dropping for the Indy show, but since that was a stadium show I figured it would work out a little differently from this one. Has anyone had any luck with the arena show ticket prices dropping about 1 to 2 weeks out from the show? Everything is still full price for this one.
  2. Yes, you’re right. I sent him the the 1-1-01 show. The video for the two Vegas shows at the end of 2001 haven’t surfaced yet. I know it was recorded though, since they had two separate people filming next to the stage.
  3. I sent him a link when it was posted on YouTube, but since it was taken down I don’t know where to find it. Is it possible to buy the December 29, 2001 DVD? I would love to have it. OMG sounded good as well, but I remember Axls mic going out a couple of times during the song. Finck launched his guitar into the amplifiers once the song was over and I could see Axl on the side of the stage smashing something too…good times back then!
  4. He still likes it, but it’s so much different in a small live setting like we were in. The song sounds 1000 times better when you’re right there in the mix. I can understand why Axl likes it so much, but I don’t know if he realizes how much better it sounds in a small intimate setting compared to playing it over a set of regular speakers.
  5. My first GN’R concert was at the House of Blues on December 29, 2001. I was 17 years old and my father accompanied me to Vegas, because he knew how much I wanted to see them. He wasn’t into GN’R as much as I was, but as soon as Silk Worms came on with Buckethead and Finck tearing it up on guitar, he was hooked. It ended up being his favorite song performed that night. He has been asking about this song every year since Vegas and I kept telling him it hasn’t been performed and probably won’t be ever again. Since the official release, he can’t believe that they took Bucketheads parts out and switched the song up. I mean, I understand with Slash being back in the band, and it does sound good, but I got used to the original version and was hoping they would keep it that way, as our ears originally heard it. I guess being there and hearing it live changes your perspective on things..In a live setting, the synth and guitars worked back then and being against the rail at 17 years old, the song blew my mind. It’s kind of cool that they still released it two decades later, after my first show, as the first single. My father was pumped as well…just wanted to share my connection with the track and all of the history behind it.
  6. He does this before, during, and after every tour. He needs to make sure his diet is in check along with working out, that is the problem. I’m the one one that found out about the gym that he had constructed through a promoter that I knew/know before the Louder than Life concert in Louisville, KY to open the tour, but we all saw what he still looked like when he came out and played that first show.
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