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  1. In all honesty as well....aside from Tool's first 2 studio albums, you can take any song off their last 3 studio albums (Lateralus, 10K Days, Fear Inoculum), mix them all up or pull songs here/there from each, and can still put together a a cohesive album that will work. Sort of like any AC/DC album with Brian Johnson....you can pull tracks here and there from all of them, and put together an AC/DC album. That's not necessarily a bad thing....just saying, going in you already have a pretty good idea of what you are getting or are going to hear....No Surprises.
  2. I had read Maynard commented about still feeling the residual effects of having COVID-19......meaning it will now take 10 years to complete one Tool song.
  3. I guess I should say then...He was a big influence on the band's direction for material. Seemed like he could help "guide" them a bit when putting songs together...I think that's a influence the band has lacked, no matter the members, since The Spaghetti Incident.
  4. He helped write It's So Easy, The Garden, Yesterdays, Bad Obsession, "Crash Diet" (Which I wish GnR had formally recorded, instead of Asphalt Ballet), Helped develop guitar parts on Don't Cry, and aided in helping develop songs for recording on the Use Your Illusion albums....That's pretty good contribution over all.
  5. In reality, GnR is not the only band to have "semi-reunited" and have yet to release any new material....Look at System of a Down. There have been several interviews with members and rumors of the band working on new material that has never materialized. Seems like every year they keep making excuses as to why the band can't get on the same page, while in the mean time having only played live shows sparingly. Don't know if anyone has seen SOAD's latest excuse for failing to produce material, but front man Serj Tankian is "frustrated" at drummer and brother-in-law, John Dolmayan, for his
  6. Don't know if it's been mentioned....but I think I'd rather have a re-issue of the 90s version myself..
  7. I remember watching the performance in my dorm room at college, live as it happened on MTV. I was pysched when I figured out from Jimmy Fallon's hints that GnR would perform that night, just because I had seen some footage of the Rock in Rio performance, and thought this was going to be a big comeback to push a new album.... After I watched the performance, I was honestly bummed and disappointed!! The band itself sounded great musically, but Axl was the huge disappointment. Seemed like he shot his wad on the WTTJ intro, which was the only good portion of his performance. He was out of br
  8. Um with all these links being removed now...I"ll just say, go to You Tube, and search Sweet Child O Mine-Big Daddy, and you'll probably come across it.
  9. Here is the crazy part on the OP's question....If you go to That Metal Show's site on VH1.com, if you have a current cable provider listed, you can sign in and watch any past episode of That Metal Show....You can watch any past episode of the show, except for the Axl interview. It's on Season 9, dated 11/11/2011. When you go to Season 9, un-check the available episodes box, and it brings up all videos/episodes from the season. If you click on any other video, it gives you an option to sign in and view the episode you chose with a cable provider.... Now, if you click the "A TMS Special P
  10. I always listen to the Live Era version of Estranged....when I've got nothing better to do, than to commit Harakiri.
  11. Talk about a case of misheard lyrics with this song...I was a teenager, and really listened to the original Rolling Stones version for the first time, (Keep in mind, this was back in the 90s, when we had no google, no internet, and if you heard a song of this age at the time, it was either on a classic rock radio station, or through an old cassette/LP as a lot of older albums were just becoming available on CD,) I really misunderstood one of the song's lyrics..... When I heard the lyric: "When the Blitzkrieg Raged, And the Bodies Stank," I thought Mick Jagger was singing: "
  12. I just read this post again....If there is any truth to this Reddit post, what if Paul Tobias is actually the "Oz Behind the Curtain" of GnR all these years, while Axl has been the "Great and Powerful Oz Apparition" appearing to all of us "Brainless Scarecrows." Wouldn't that be a huge plot twist revealed, as we're winding down the story of Guns n Roses.
  13. You all forgot....the Major Influence of Rose Tattoo's debut album: Rose Tattoo and Surprisingly no one mentioned DJ Shadow's album: Endtroducing ++I read once that Axl would play the Endtroducing album non-stop at one point. Remember though, that album was released in 1996, and about 99% of the album is composed of samples from vinyl records, and was pretty much made using a MPC60 sampler. I'm guessing this album had some influence in forming Chinese Democracy and leading to speaking with Moby as a possible producer as well in the late 90s.
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