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  1. You can't win a Grammy for "Best Rock Performance" in today's pop culture, unless it has a guest appearance by a rapper with "Lil" in his stage name, and features some computerized "beats" in the background, that over-ride the actual instruments being played. GnR can do a "remix" of Hard Skool, by bringing in a "rapper" with a name like "Lil Ding Dong" to spit some "bars" during the guitar solo, and they might actually have a chance.
  2. To me, this is similar to when Metallica released "Until It Sleeps" as the 1st Single off of the Load Album. The band had not released any new material since The Black Album, and when Metallica re-emerged with a new look and sound, the single automatically turned die hard fans off from the band, due to how drastically different it was from any previous material. A lot of people failed to give the Load album a chance as a result. If a miracle happens, and GnR actually releases a "New" album, some people may be turned off prematurely, due to hearing this single, and thinking the other material will be similar. If you haven't released anything "new" to the mainstream, technically since the Chinese Democracy album, I just don't think this song was the right pick to begin with. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I'm sure the current line-up can put together something much better.
  3. Am I the only one "Underwhelmed" by this song, and pretty much all of those Village Session leaks? Enough of updating 20 year old B-Sides and Demos in a vault....Slash and Duff are back in the band, surely along with Axl, they can put together new material worth listening to.
  4. When asked about the gift from Adler, Layzie Bone replied, "Bit bitty but pop pop um thuggin ruggin bot lotta pop ting tong on the hizzo."
  5. Also, how many on here remembered that Slash was animated once, and in a Phineas and Ferb Movie.
  6. After Axl helps The Gang solve the mystery, does he ask them, "Who's Your Mack Daddy?"
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