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  1. Full rasp Paradise City and the tour is over. I’m gonna cry until June 22
  2. Come on, Fernando. Book a Vegas residence until the end of the year.
  3. He needs a vocal coach and give a fuck for songs like SCOM and NR. Not a 5 year breaking.
  4. It’s not that hard to rotate the setlist, huh?
  5. Why not? I've been in this forum since 2003 and didn't think it was hilarious people complaing about Robin/Ron solos.
  6. Shadow of your love is hard to sing and he does an amazing job on it.
  7. They played it in Taipei, first gig of 2009 tour. Long time ago I’ve listened to that Hamilton 2010 version, but the audio quality was very poor.
  8. IF Absurd and HS are CD songs, can we say that CD songs are UYI songs? (/joking)
  9. TWAT was played at the first Hammerstein shows (12-05-2016) and i guess it was played in 17th date also. It was played in Madrid (gig before RIR Lisbon) and, if my memory isn't failing, they didn't play anymore until 2009. I remember that the first perfomance was a masterpiece. The other Hammerstein perfomance is good, but not close to the 12th. Madrid had a lot of sound issues.
  10. Just a little bit more rasp in Rocket Queen and YCBM and both songs sounds MUCH more enjoyable. Well done, Axl.
  11. This is a unpopular opinion, but I agree with that. his 2016 GNR voice wasn’t near 2010 and very similar to what Axl sounded in 2011-2014.
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