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  1. Do you know any photographer who does that desobeying an order from the boss? it’s like the same “Frank is playing to fast!!!111” bullshit
  2. Yeah, that’s Kat who decides to post black and white photos...
  3. Axl always surprises us. I’ve heard the same complaint in 2002 and 2016.
  4. I hope that at least Axl can rest his voice during this pandemic.
  5. Wouldn’t he be wearing a mask if it was a recent pic?
  6. Guys complaining this news being in the main Guns N’ Roses section as if we have a lot of news from that band
  7. Yeah, let’s judge brain for one show... but josh freese, who only recorded demos with the band, is second place in that list. LOL.
  8. I don’t like Frank at all, but a lot of criticism directed at him over the past years is completely unfair. People blaming him about tempo and playing “too fast” shows they know nothing about music.
  9. the idiot can take the video off but, unfortunately, he can't take it out of my memory ... what a magnificent perfomance!!
  10. This november rain makes Rio 2011 sounds awesome. Axl is completly out of breath and the band is emotionless. Jesus Christ.
  11. People here NOW praises that band. It’s funny as hell. I remember the whole criticism that surrounded those guys, specially after Rio 3. Except for Buckethead, who had some appreciation from part of the fanbase, the whole band was criticized constantly for their look and sounding different from 87-93 era.
  12. Sadly, recognition and admiration to that band is 20 years late.
  13. He was thinner in the end of 2001 and 2002 than in 2006.
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