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  1. November rain has a full re-recorded vocals and sounds amazing on that album.
  2. I'm sure that all the mysteries of Axl’ s voice are related to the teas. from 2011 to ca, I only saw him drinking water onstage. #BRINGBACKTEAS
  3. Yeah, she has videos and photos, but no proof of anything. Also, super easy to build this history being a fan of the band. So, giving the benefit of the doubt is healthy before accusing Beta
  4. It would be great if they release unreleased songs after UYI
  5. It’s just Matt’s point of view and people here are promoting this like 100% accurate.
  6. Maybe i am the only one crazy here, but I can’t hear my elevator warning sounds without singing in sequence DONT YOU TRY TO STOP US NOW
  7. Yeah, I agree. I wasn’t trying to be an asshole and belittle RAR. I used to have all bootlegs from 2001-2010 on my old laptop and it’s a shame we can’t have more soundboards from 2006 tour. But, if I could choose top 10 shows from 2006 tour, RAR definitely wouldn’t be one of them.
  8. That’s a OVERRATED show for 2006 stardand levels if you compare shows like download, nova rock, Greece and many others from that same leg, they are even better.
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