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  1. Petrobras Symphonic Orchestra is today one of the most traditional and renowned Brazilian orchestras. On June 26th, they played a 90-minute tribute show to Guns N' Roses. edit: at least, there`s no YouTube strike.
  2. Osaka 2009 as a second one. But still very far from Hammerstein 2016. Don’t like 2012 or 16, 17 perfomances.
  3. It was the first live performance and IMO the best one.
  4. Ok, so we have no new album, but at least we can have fun. Have you guys seen You Could Be Mine from Chile 2016? In the middle section, the band starts a jam and Axl requests the crowd to take a step back. Won't post the links here, but you have the keywords to find it.
  5. His hair was lightly braided only for 31st show. It was in “normal” looking for 29th. About sounding good for these shows, there’s no bootlegs avaliable as far i’m concerned.
  6. Thank you. I'm listening to it. Maybe those leaked IEM's are only one channel. Like the band is mixed in one ear and his parts are mixed on the other. But i don't know for sure.
  7. Do you know any photographer who does that desobeying an order from the boss? it’s like the same “Frank is playing to fast!!!111” bullshit
  8. Yeah, that’s Kat who decides to post black and white photos...
  9. Axl always surprises us. I’ve heard the same complaint in 2002 and 2016.
  10. I hope that at least Axl can rest his voice during this pandemic.
  11. Wouldn’t he be wearing a mask if it was a recent pic?
  12. Guys complaining this news being in the main Guns N’ Roses section as if we have a lot of news from that band
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