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  1. I`ve heard the best madagascar made by this lineup (Atlantic City, 09-11-21 show) but unfourtanely the video is gone. I thought that Axl`s voice reached his peak couple weeks ago, but it`s getting better and hopefully keeps improving show by show.
  2. I can't find it anymore. I'll keep trying and will PM you if i do find it.
  3. Did you guys watched Paradise City from last night? Man, that`s 2016 level for sure!!
  4. Like Axl going to Duff’s daughter show? Or Slash and Duff traveling to Europe to watch Axl/DC concerts? yeah, sure, they even don’t talk to each other…
  5. there`s a lot of shows yet this year. i guess 20+.
  6. I`ve listened to all shows of 2021 tour so far (youtube or streaming) and yeah, it`s better today.
  7. I`m excited. Best Jungle and Rocket Queen of the tour.
  8. No joke here, Axl voice is amazing tonight (or Levi`s stream has some distortion on it). Rocket Queen is listenable.
  9. Clean Better, but powerfull. Doesn`t sound "winded" or mickey. Axl`s voice is the best the he ever sounded in 2021.
  10. Jungle with 48% of raspiness!!!!!!!!111111111eleven edit: seriously, best jungle of the tour.
  11. Yeah, I remember that. Never seen that photo again. Don’t know if it was Dizzy or Fortus.
  12. Axl`s voice is always a mistery. He had a great perfomance in Lubbock 2013 indeed and that was (vocally) a not so different year than 2011, 2012. Also, 2014 was a very poor year vocally, but then he come out of nowhere in the last 3 vegas shows with a KILLER perfomance (TWAT, prostitute, yesterdays and others songs with rasp, better than 2016). I really hope he can improves as seen in the last show (rasp in jungle, better perfomance in YCBM, but he still not consistent).
  13. Best jungle of the tour. Finally, some rasp. Still far from 17 level, but very solid in comparison with previous shows.
  14. The fact that slash or duff doesn’t have Axl vocals in theirs IEM makes no sense since Axl’s talking a lot to the band using his microphone.
  15. I think they do the songs that can test every instrument without doing the whole show. so, that’s my guess. They don’t need to test RQ and jungle, for example, cause dizzy is playing percussion in both songs.
  16. Indeed. And i don`t remember Axl staying onstage during guitar solos or intros, even in 2016-2020 era. You can see Axl`s dancing during SCOM intro and solo, YCBM intro, and etc.
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