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  1. Those will work excellently, thanks! And happy new year.
  2. Hey everyone. The needle skull tee from the late 80s is by far my favourite GNR logo! But I can't seem to find any decent image of just the logo/image itself in good quality. All I can really find is t-shirt images. I'm therefore making this thread to ask if any GUNS fans here might happen to have a great image of this logo OR could make one from one of the t-shirt pictures on th einternet? i'm looking to save it and use as an avatar actually. Thanks! In case some are wondering. Thsis is the logo I mean:
  3. I was just about to post this as well. YCBM would work really well. Nightrain is another sure fire one. I was thinking COMA might be awesome too....perhaps prolong the heartbeat effect with some cool visuals on the backdrop before starting the song. Axls' "Hey, you caught me in a coma"...is a pretty cool first line/first address to the crowd ...
  4. What can I tell you that you didn't already point out yourself. You mention AC/DC who has released 3 albums in 20 years...Metallica, 3 albums in 20 years. And no live albums don't count. Can't you see where thing are goin? The days (like back in the 80s and 90s's ) of NEEDing to put out a new album and then promotng/touring that album are long gone.
  5. Not sure how the current debate in this topic relates to Wichita...but anywho... Releasing albums in the streaming era of rock music is just not very profitable for a band, not when it probably costs you more to make the album than twhat you'll earn on sales - and the fact that a band like Guns N' Roses can go on tours and still sell out venues just on their back catalogue alone. So why hurry with a new album??
  6. Watches the news, kicks back and listens to music. Hopefully also sits at the piano from time to time, composing new songs and writing down lyrics - probably about the current political climate.
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