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  1. You all make this sound like fucking Kardashians, they are a rock band that has done so many drugs they don't even know who they are. Its not hate its insanity at its best!. Keep Rawking is all I say.
  2. Stage configuration is different on Ticketmaster. Much wider and pit is much larger...... Sadly a lot of the riser seats in the lower level in Miami were empty.....This could crush GnR if they dont Step up to the Plate and Deliver something relevant to keep the fire going. Shit play B-sides. Which to us is GOLDEN!
  3. Just saw them in a small bar with about 300 people. They killed it but looks very weathered and tired. Yes some good money opening for GnR would keep them healthy and going strong.
  4. This is going to be interesting, because they are all sober, business like and know that the seats will NOT be filled without a BOLD wise move with different material. Game on Fellas, lets see whatcha got.
  5. If you not in the Pit your not really there, or are you? Snoop will be smoking J's rolled in GnR logo papers.
  6. Where was this live album recorded or is each song a different night?
  7. Listen to to live era "your crazy" whoa!!! This means Steven wrote the intro to YCBM.
  8. Matt is probably crying about how hacked up that percussion sounded. Such a fun and easy song to play on the drums. Doesn't make since why he couldn't play it. Wonder if their in ear monitors got fucked up.
  9. God Damn!!!!! What an entertaining night you lucky fucks. It’s an art feel privileged you heard them playing it out of tempo, wrong chords missing lyrics, missing drum fills....who fucking cares they’re having fun and I woulda been going NUTS! Slither + shadow + Loco + DH in the same night. Hell ya! Getting Steven to guest appear on out to get me or anything goes could be the only way to top that.
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