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  1. Hey ya'll, first time posting here. Just wanted to pass along that 3 residents of the nursing home I work at, which I won't name cause of HIPPA, tested positive the morning. As the head charge nurse said at our impromptu meeting said " we have been breached" Not only that but the woman who let people in and out of the building (and works the kitchen) tested positive this past Saturday. Why this is scary to me is that I work housekeeping and while I was waiting for someone to open the office door so I could get my hall keys, I hung out with her and others for almost four hours. We hav
  2. Ogden Edsl - Kinko The Clown (this is so wrong on so many levels )
  3. Janice-Marie Johnson (part 1) - Ladies Behind the Beat.TV Interview Janice-Marie Johnson (part 2) - Ladies Behind the Beat.TV
  4. Monster Magnet - Cage Around The Sun
  5. Time machine hottie - Nancy Sinatra (although Frank wouldn't let that happen )
  6. Lee Hazelwood & Nancy SInatra - Some Velvet Morning
  7. Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove
  8. Solid stuff. The vocals are kinda like shoegaze, in a way
  9. I have a LONG time ago. I could care less if they release anything new or not. When I heard those instrumental leaks, I saw a lot of potential that was wasted. Who can you blame it on? I think we all know the red headed person who I think didn't give a shit either. To me, he is done for. He doesn't have the pipes as he once had and no amount of digital dickery do with fix it. Let the fools who want to hear Mickey Mouse sing pay those exorbitant prices to see the shit show live. I'd rather hear new shit from the hot as fuck Miku Hatsune doppelganger, Melissa, than Axl zero potential dickweed.
  10. Alchemists Of Sound (documentary about BBC Radiophonic Workshoppe)
  11. Well that's a very interesting way to look at it. Something as diametrically apart from each other brought together. I'll have to quote that if I do a EPK for it Thanks. I take as much pride in the lyrics as I do even remotely to the music. I think it's from ingesting a lot of folk. The whole storytelling aspect whether it's first person or third. Whether it's my own true thoughts or if I'm writing it from a character POV. I like it that ya dig the vocals and the vocal harmony stuff. I have a weird sideways bend to melody
  12. Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
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