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  1. How ya gonna play me like a sunkin' dunkin' donut?

  2. Fanny - Young And Dumb (Live '71)
  3. 2Pac - Holler If Ya Hear Me
  4. Dave Chappelle - Tupac Is Still Alive It was the dopest song he ever wrote.... In 94'
  5. The East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12
  6. Stevie Wonder - Ngiculela-Es Una Historia-I Am Singing
  7. I'd be more scared to hear "click clack" than "cough cough" in all of my life.

  8. You can lead a horse and you can't get the mothafucka to sucking the hind tit either

  9. I know that's right. I think this is their best track tho. The beginning " Creepin' up outta the woods, gotta give love to my hood. Smoke, and I choke, and I creep on a come up" and how this nasty G-Funk flows is straight killah.
  10. As a 35+ year Funkateer, these babies just warm my heart. These kiddos added their own flavor to a dope classic. We really are "one nation" regardless of racial system. As much as the 12 families who control the entire planet, that try to keep us apart, we have to have strong noses to smell through their BS. One love, One heart
  11. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Foe Tha Love of $
  12. I know that there are drugs at this party. I'm on them.

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