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  1. The Short Circus - Hard Hard Hard (Electric Company) I friggin loved this show as a kid. So much better than today's children's programming where it's some shit like Bloopy ( I made this made up) where they talked down to their audience. Poorly animated BS where it's all "Ooo look at the flashing colors that some jackass in a suit made"
  2. Pink Lady & Jeff I got this off of eBay and it's still in it's shrinkwrap. Very rare and out of print. We all know art is subjective. It's so lovably shitty. All 6 episodes.
  3. Del Reeves - Girl On The Billboard
  4. Monster Magnet - Ozium
  5. Yup. The last time I listened to anything GNR was when the Locker CD's first leaked. Other than that I have other shit to listen to.
  6. The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill

  7. Parliament - The Motor-Booty Affair
  8. Parliament - Rumpofsteelskin
  9. I got a recent acquisition of a TEAC 4010 SL reel to reel machine. Anybody else monkey around with this? The one I got is from 1965 and is a Goddamn workhorse. Here is a very short sample. Most of what I have is all jazz. Check this shit out.
  10. Sa Da Tay. Probably one of the most misunderstood movies ever. I LOVE it. 9/10
  11. Raging Slab - Black Belt In Boogie (bootleg unreleased album)
  12. Foddershock - Still She Looks
  13. Foddershock - Dyin' To Make A Livin'
  14. Foddershock - Don't Sell Drugs In The Trailer Park (my cousin's old band a song that starts off with the lyrics "15 little boxes onto the young and poor. And you selling your Oxycontin like a dumb ass door to door)
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