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  1. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots (12" Version)
  2. Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music
  3. Yup they're on there. Just look at they description and the lyrics and they are there,
  4. First song I've written in a long time called "Ass". This is a submission for Pro-Choice Noise Vol. 2. I was on the first one so why not try for the second time. Anyways here it is. The lyrics in the description. It's about being too self-conscious that you take everything to heart but then realize how much of a fuck up you are.
  5. Stevie Wonder - Ngiculela-Es Una Historia-I Am Singing (pureset eargasm)
  6. Easy E - Real Muthaphuckkin G's (DAYUM!!!!!)
  7. Kool & The Gang - Funky Stuff & Jungle Boogie (June 1st, 1974 - Soul Train)
  8. Fanny - Fanny Hill (they are just so fucking good. hard rocking, great raw (and harmonic vocals, and funky all at the same time)
  9. Goddamn you have such a fucking vocal range. And leave Lenny alone, he's a good egg
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