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  1. He's not in the doc, as far as I'm aware. He would have told me if he was. What he told me was that John K was a taskmaster and hard to satisfy. As far as the grooming part goes, the evidence speaks for itself from the victims. It wasn't an open secret but he really didn't put in any effort in saying "I'm not a pedophile." John K likes younger girls and has admitted he does. But there is a difference between a younger girl in their early to mid 20's and a minor. John K likes more of one than the other. Anyways here is a demo reel of his animations. Back in the day, primarily in middle sch
  2. Never heard about this. I loved R&S back in the day. Have you ever seen that R&S Adult Party Cartoon reboot? It was godawful. A friend of mine, I went to middle and high school with, was a layout artist on that show. I've heard some REAL doozies about John K from him.
  3. I like that a lot Goes along good with the buzzaving
  4. This is song is very much in the vein of The Flying Burrito Brothers of like acid rock country from the early 70's. They could hard rock and they are (to me) unsung heroins of music in general. Check it. Fanny - Sound And The Fury
  5. Jim Croce - Rapid Roy (That Stock Car Boy)
  6. The Marshall Tucker Band - Fire On The Mountain
  7. I liked that quite a lot. I love 60's garage rock. Also, Liam Gallagher is a time traveler
  8. HOT DAMN!!! I really really love this. It moved me so much. You my friend are gifted. And @soon I am so very sorry for your loss. Hope you can get to a place of peace
  9. The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
  10. This series is now on a huge level of "What The Fuckery?" Not that it wasn't before but holy shit. I guess I'm the only one here following this LOL POP goes the WEASEL i can see you all
  11. This chick is my "I wish I had a time machine" hottie. Susan Anton
  12. Oh I could see it I've never watched Hunger Games. Only thing I really know about her is some people from 4chan leaked a shit load of nude pics of her.
  13. Have heard of her but that's about it. I am so behind the times LOL
  14. Saigon Kick - One Step Closer (one of the most underrated bands of all time)
  15. Who is she? Inquiring minds want to know
  16. The Bangles - Hazy Shade Of Winter
  17. Fantasy Island (2020) Can they just stop adapting old TV shows already? We can only hope the trend stops before we get a bloody fusion of Cannibal Holocaust and The Most Dangerous Game claiming to be a movie adaptation of Gilligan's Island.
  18. Fanny - Borrowed Time (live 1972) This is so much better than the album version cause there was horn overdubs n shit on the album.
  19. Samurai Cop (1991) Holy balls this is one the best unintentionally funny movies made. So much is wrong with this film it's hard pinpoint it. It's like the director watched Lethal Weapon and said "yeah I can do something that". The fight scenes are so gloriously clumsy. The tone of the film is all over the place. The dialog is laughable where you can tell what is improvised. You can tell that was meant to be a serious buddy cop movie but it doesn't work AT ALL. Here's a "best of" compilation. If you are into "so bad it's good" movies, this will not disappoint you Best scene
  20. Howlin' Wolf - Evil Is Going On
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