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  1. Never let cannibalism get in the way of a good party

  2. Sebadoh - Gimmie Indie Rock
  3. Temple Of The Dog - Pushin' Forward Back
  4. I don't think it was because she gave up on music. She did try to release an Unplugged album in 2002 (I think) but her voice was shot, she was trying an instrument (acoustic guitar) that she barely knew how to play, her "new material" was unfinished, etc. From what I heard she stole everything from Miseducation so that's probably why she never did a proper follow up. She ended up with a massive ego (wanting to be called Ms Hill) and either was late to live performances or never showed up at all. I'm the same age as her and it's weird to think she peaked when she was 23 years old. She has been
  5. It was one of those super artsy anthology series flicks The Japanese have their own way of transgressive film making. They cover up the naughty bits for censorship but have no problem showing a girl being a fudge fountain
  6. No. Just....No. One of my dirt bag friends wanted me to watch it for a reaction video. Can't go into detail, obviously. It's one of those weird Japanese fetish films in the vein of "2 Girls, 1 Cup" but just so much worse.
  7. Tara Strong (mostly known as a prolific voice over actress)
  8. Drawn Together Cast - La La Labia (Wish there was a video element of this. It looks like a combination of Scooby Doo & Josie And The Pussycats)
  9. Smashing Pumpkins - Daphne Descends
  10. Thank you for being the only person, so far, who hasn't said "hey man, you look like Drew Carey" Thanks man. Having you around would be better than the ultra Bible thumpin folks around here. Cost of living is cheap too. What most people would spend on a house with a backyard the size of a postage stamp, you could get a decent house and 30+ acres of land. Nah, I take the corpses and feed them to the pigs. No fuss, no muss. Putting them in my crawlspace would be tedious and back breaking. Plus I'd have to deal with the smell. Dead bodies smell like cat piss and amm
  11. modelling unofficial swag LOL
  12. So what maggot, you rock star moron. You make me vomit now pass the bourbon

    1. lame ass security

      lame ass security

      Sounds like a conversation between Noel and Liam Gallagher. 

    2. Jabberwocky


      :lol:it's from an old Warrior Soul song but now I have that mental image of the Gallagher's in my head. I could totally see that conversation :lol:

  13. Warrior Soul - Love Destruction
  14. Isis - Servant Saviour Think of Black Sabbath, psych rock, funk, soul, and Blood, Sweat & Tears all rolled into one.
  15. Finished watching all 3 seasons of The Leftovers. I haven't been so moved by a TV show in such a long time. The writing, the acting, the directing, etc is so full of emotion. Only had 28 episodes but there is not one second of it wasted or feels padded out. It mixes in existentialism, the supernatural, comedic moments, desperation, religion, etc. It's a show that doesn't answer what happened to the 2% of the world population that vanished but how they are dealing with it. That answer of the 2% doesn't even need a tidy wrapped up ending because it is ultimately not important. It is perfectly b
  16. Tumbling Doll Of Flesh Women's Flesh: My Red Guts Those are the SWF covers Here are the NSFW covers I've seen these before because I have bootlegs of them that were transferred from not-so great VHS quality and without English subtitles. These new and improved copies I have came from Massacre Video with the original print and subtitles. The plots to both films are very paper thin. These are more for gore hounds, like myself. Tumbling Doll Of Flesh is about 2 amateur porn actors who want to leave during the production when various types of BDSM are introduce
  17. Good, that means it did it's intended job LOL. If you look at the envelope you'll see that it's a PO Box address from Hollywood. To give it that extra oomph I decided to use a crude steak knife instead of one of those clean and precise letter openers. I wanted to have that tearing and ripping sound match the visual of bloodstains on that envelope. Put it in the viewers mind's psychologically that whoever had it in their possession before met a gory ending. Just wait until you see the next one and the ones after that. Shit's gonna get amped up. I appreciate that man. My struggles
  18. Thanks. I didn't want to do 100 Proof as a total downer where the whole thing is bleak. I think you got to have the sweet with the sour. And yes that is me. Right now I'm a crew of one LOL. I've never taken any kind of classes. It's just something I had to learn on my own. Thank you so much. A good majority of it is pulled from my life. Trying not to cave in to alcohol relapse is the main one. Also the part about me getting so drunk that I did naked truck surfing is 100 percent true LOL LOL thanks. I kinda said the word "fuck" a bit much but it fits in context. I
  19. I'll play the radio on southern stations cause southern belles are hell at night

  20. I do make my own original music and there are posts of them already on the forum. I just wanted to share some of my music videos I made for other people and some short films. I hope you all will like. Soap Scum How NOT To Play "Lowlife" (A Poppy Fan-Edit Parody Video) Watergh0st - Distortion (Music Video) Watergh0st - Killer (Music Video) 100 Proof Conversation (Short Film) Hearts Are Always Killed - OFFICIAL Teaser Things I've Done Thin
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