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  1. Good, that means it did it's intended job LOL. If you look at the envelope you'll see that it's a PO Box address from Hollywood. To give it that extra oomph I decided to use a crude steak knife instead of one of those clean and precise letter openers. I wanted to have that tearing and ripping sound match the visual of bloodstains on that envelope. Put it in the viewers mind's psychologically that whoever had it in their possession before met a gory ending. Just wait until you see the next one and the ones after that. Shit's gonna get amped up. I appreciate that man. My struggles
  2. Thanks. I didn't want to do 100 Proof as a total downer where the whole thing is bleak. I think you got to have the sweet with the sour. And yes that is me. Right now I'm a crew of one LOL. I've never taken any kind of classes. It's just something I had to learn on my own. Thank you so much. A good majority of it is pulled from my life. Trying not to cave in to alcohol relapse is the main one. Also the part about me getting so drunk that I did naked truck surfing is 100 percent true LOL LOL thanks. I kinda said the word "fuck" a bit much but it fits in context. I
  3. I'll play the radio on southern stations cause southern belles are hell at night

  4. I do make my own original music and there are posts of them already on the forum. I just wanted to share some of my music videos I made for other people and some short films. I hope you all will like. Soap Scum How NOT To Play "Lowlife" (A Poppy Fan-Edit Parody Video) Watergh0st - Distortion (Music Video) Watergh0st - Killer (Music Video) 100 Proof Conversation (Short Film) Hearts Are Always Killed - OFFICIAL Teaser Things I've Done Thin
  5. Sublime - Smoke Two Joints
  6. Black Sabbath - The Wizard
  7. I think everybody here has said exactly what I'd say. It's some of the best shit I've ever heard. As far as levels go, I like that the vocals are more out in the open, especially the subject matter. I nerd out over lyrics LOL. I don't know much about trying to get any label's attention, at least not on a major scale but it's been the same for a long time. You'll have 100 doors slammed in your face before one opens. Labels are bean counters, always have been. Payola has never went away.
  8. A reaper grim sent saracens who cannot see the writing on the walls

  9. June and Jean Millington - Apocalypse Deferred
  10. The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe
  11. Steakhouse - Big Fuckin' Truck Funny ass song and video
  12. I've been watching this web series called I Am Sophie for several weeks now so I thought I'd share it here. It starts off as a spoof/parody of a typical YouTube influencer (think RiceGum) who has a load of money, flaunts it, shows how glamours her life is, etc. Then it starts to get really dark and really strange quickly. It is also an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) which means this series is also multimedia. It utilizes Twitter, Instagram and all of that to expand the story/lore. I'm not participating in the ARG aspect but it's fun to read these theories and see people cracking codes. Anyways h
  13. If you haven't seen them, there are a few episodes of Fernwood on YouTube. It was absolutely genius stuff. There was a basic framework to the episodes but everything else was improvised. The show wouldn't make it today at all.
  14. Various Artists - Pro-Choice Noise This is a sprawling, almost 8 hour, compilation album. All proceeds from this album are donated to Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Includes a 16-page digital zine with artwork/poetry from collaborators. https://tribetapes.bandcamp.com/album/pro-choice-noise
  15. Lunch Meat (1987) PLOT: Six high school seniors on a camping trip are ambushed by killer rednecks who kill their victims & sell the remains to a local hamburger joint. It's "almost" a rip off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's really low budget (shot on 16mm film) and it does tend to drag on in parts plus the acting is kind of corny but it's one of those films that has that certain type of charm to it. I enjoyed it nonetheless. 3 out of 5 ...and here it is
  16. I've been doing some re-contextualized plunderphonic remixes. I've done some stuff like this before but I've never shared them here. I don't know if they'll up anybody's alley here but you never know. It's drug trippy ambient and half glitch. Nothing added on my part, just what was already recorded on his/their end.
  17. Anybody know if Paul is aware of this? I'm sure I doubt Paul McCartney would agree with it.
  18. Black Tape For A Blue Girl - The Broken Glass
  19. Black Tape For A Blue Girl - This Lush Garden Within
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