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  1. The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die
  2. Before Black Sabbath: How Psychedelic Rock Became Metal
  3. I ain't workin for the man, I'm an Allosaurus , baby.

  4. It makes an even better web series name LOL but at least it is fitting considering the plot and overall subject matter. I showed this teaser to a fellow film maker and he said "it looks very strange, it looks very violent, and it looks very surreal but it's one of those things where you're very curious to see where this thing is going to go"
  5. If this is against rules or anything just let me know. I've been trying to finish a web series I've been working on for almost 4 years now. I can go into detail about how this has been an albatross with trying to get a second location, re-writing the script cause of people flaking out on me, and just a hole bunch of other shit. Anyways here it is. Enjoy it hopefully
  6. All Dolled Up: A New York Dolls Story - Found Tapes
  7. I pull up the Gran Turino
    and play some music for the holy ghost

  8. Monster Magnet - We're Stoned, What Are You Going to Do About It?
  9. Timbaland & Magoo feat. Aaliyah & Missy Elliott - Up Jumps Da' Boogie
  10. Muddy Magnolias - Devil's Teeth
  11. Kandodo / McBain – Blowed Out - 45RPM (roll a fat one, relax, and enjoy the trip)
  12. Yeah it really sucks in having to ask for time and commitment. The thing with getting a second location is I don't know of anybody. The big problem is the ultra conservative people. I mean how can I explain it to bumpkins who know nothing of horror or film making in general. What I would like to do is draw a contract so they can't renig. I want to make this an experience enjoyable for everyone. All people get paid handsomely. Much more than a SAG actor/actress would get. I have it in my head if I start early and film into the night, I could do this in one day. I have a make-up artist who can m
  13. Maybe I'm being left in the dust or I'm just flat out incompetent, but trying to figure out how to do crowdfunding is difficult. I've been racking my brain on how to do crowdfunding for some film projects. They're all really low budget but I don't want it to look like amateur hour bullshit because of said budget. I'm trying to figure out how to divvy perks most of all. Like how much should I ask for in pressing limited edition DVD's and Blu-Ray's? Or what kind of perk if someone donates like a dollar. The main project is a web series I've been doing, that is at least 65 or 70% filmed. I starte
  14. I knew Hurd when he was a little kid but not as an adult. His dad was trying to get me and my dad to go to the Barclay Center in NY to watch Hurd fight Austin Trout. All expenses paid for too and my old man didn't want to go because of the drive, even though it was a very long drive to the Metro and take it the rest of the way. Hurd can punch but he's got a lot of stamina too. I heard J Rock already lost the belt too. I know when I watched Hurd vs Rock and saw Hurd get knocked down early a couple of times I went "oh shit, he's gonna lose if he doesn't step up his game" Especially since th
  15. His Name Is Alive - Are We Still Married?
  16. Cool, a boxing thread. One of the few sporting events that I watch. I guess I could add that I know of one pro boxer who was the unified light middleweight world champion, having held the WBA (Super), IBF, and IBO titles between 2017 and 2019. His name is Swift Jarret Hurd. My dad and his both worked at Post on the assembly line. I remember when his dad, Fred, came down a few times to our place. He (Jarret) was no bigger than a grasshopper. Can't believe that Julian Williams beat him and took his belts only for Williams to lose the belts in his next fight. If Jarret intends on fighting one of
  17. Barkmarket - Vegas Throat My introduction to noise rock. One of the few albums I could listen to without skipping a song
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