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  1. Thanks man. A change in diet and having a physically demanding job does wonders. Why bury them? A wood chipper is much more efficient.
  2. Have lost a fuck ton of weight since the last pic. Down to 248lbs. Have built some muscle mass as well. 25 pounds in 3 months is a pretty good loss. Hopefully I'll go down some more.
  3. Earth, Wind & Fire - Mighty Mighty
  4. I've been watching episodes of The Electric Company. It was a show from 71 to 77 that taught us youngins how to read. Used to watch it in school. Educational but was very much like a kid version of Laugh-In. One of Morgan Freeman's first acting gigs as well. Here's the complete collection I own. A soundtrack album, Best of Vol 1 & 2 (box sets) Best Of The Best Of, Greatest Hits & Bits. HEY YOU GUUUUYYYYSSS!!
  5. OutKast -So Fresh, So Clean
  6. How To Clear A Room In 90 Minutes Or Less This is what is called a "mixtape". Just a compilation of some of the most bizarre and fucked up shit that is compiled together. Think of it like an amateur mondo film. There are a TON of mixtapes floating around on the surface and deep/dark web. This tape, in particular, is pretty fucked up. I can't describe it in full but I'll give it a 7 out of 10 just for having clips that aren't regurgitated on other tapes.
  7. Here's something I have been working off and on with. I don't know if anybody is familiar with what is called a video mixtape. It's stuff of various sorts and degrees compiled together with no narrative. It's kind of an off shoot of mondo films. Most mixtapes consist of gross stuff (gore, scat, etc you get the idea) and they look like they were made in 8 hours by some edgy numbnut. Mine is different in that I take various clips and re-edit them from different source material. Put some effort into it. Think Negativland/The Residents but more schizo, in a good way. In my mixtape I do have some c
  8. The only reels I have are the ones my friend gave me with the machine. I have 8 total and all of them are some variant of jazz. All dubs right now, nothing pre-recorded. This is going to be the first purchase. eBay for, I think, 45 dollars. But man oh man do the prices skyrocket like a mofo
  9. All I know is that this is from Russia. Translate is of zero help. The music on this sounds like sideways versions of shit you'd hear on Benny Hill. BTW anybody here in to reel to reel? I have this sweet TEAC A4010 SL machine. It was made in 1965 and I'm on a mad hunt for reels more than vinyl. This thing is a fucking workhorse.
  10. El Chicano - Celebration (1972) (US, Psychedelic, Blues Rock, Brown-eyed Soul, Jazz Fusion)
  11. Depends on what sect. These around here are Mennonites so they're a liberal offshoot. They make money hand over fist. If they need to go somewhere (like a gas station) they'll pay whoever it is to drive them to it. They'll buy tractors but they'll take the tires off and put something like steel wheels on it. Kinda weird LOL
  12. Thrift store purchase. I had a Brazilian friend if mine translate, at least, the title of it. "Perispanic And Mestizo Music". Some of it is very indigenous. I tried to get some audio of it through my camera but it sounded like shit. No bass at all but I think that was the point.
  13. This particular brand needs no butter at all. Just a light drizzle of this honey makes it sweet enough. Had some on some biscuits this morning. This isn't expensive at all. That one pint is just 10 dollars. She mostly makes spring honey (which is light colored) and sometimes pulls fall honey (which is dark colored) . I live a few miles from an Amish community and they'll sell you the kind that still has the honeycomb in it. I'm not particularly fond of it myself and it's much more than what this woman sells, cost wise. These Amish sell all kinds of shit from handmade quilts, these kick ass
  14. I'm always interested in what people make and grow in their neck of the woods, so I figured I'd make a thread so I can see whatever is being made. I'll start off with some locally made honey from a small mom & pop business called Long December Honey Co. This isn't made all year round and because I work in the same building as the woman who makes it, we all get first dibs. This isn't the kind where you have to slather it on. Just a little dab will do. Tastes and smells great plus it has such a beautiful color to it.
  15. Got this off of eBay for about 20 bucks. I don't know how many would remember or have even heard of this show. The Electric Company was a educational show that taught kids how to read through live action and animated skits, music, and were pioneering in early chroma keying, etc. Well worth checking out. This LP is a collection of the songs from their 71-72 years (first season) It gets funky, psychedelic, jazzy, and sometimes like old timey burlesque numbers. The album sleeve and record are in great condition. It also included a full 24 page booklet. This has definitely been babied. (BTW I
  16. I had heard about it back in the day, but I never saw it until 2003. There was a station called Trio that aired it, a bunch of unsold TV pilots, and just generally obscure shit. You ain't lived until you've seen this AND especially Alice Cooper doing some kind of new wave song called Clones. Here is a sampling.
  17. El Chicano - Tell Her She's Lovely (psych Latino funk)
  18. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - Thuggish Ruggish Bone
  19. The Short Circus - Hard Hard Hard (Electric Company) I friggin loved this show as a kid. So much better than today's children's programming where it's some shit like Bloopy ( I made this made up) where they talked down to their audience. Poorly animated BS where it's all "Ooo look at the flashing colors that some jackass in a suit made"
  20. Pink Lady & Jeff I got this off of eBay and it's still in it's shrinkwrap. Very rare and out of print. We all know art is subjective. It's so lovably shitty. All 6 episodes.
  21. Del Reeves - Girl On The Billboard
  22. Monster Magnet - Ozium
  23. Yup. The last time I listened to anything GNR was when the Locker CD's first leaked. Other than that I have other shit to listen to.
  24. The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill

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