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  1. The Short Circus - Hard Hard Hard (Electric Company) I friggin loved this show as a kid. So much better than today's children's programming where it's some shit like Bloopy ( I made this made up) where they talked down to their audience. Poorly animated BS where it's all "Ooo look at the flashing colors that some jackass in a suit made"
  2. Pink Lady & Jeff I got this off of eBay and it's still in it's shrinkwrap. Very rare and out of print. We all know art is subjective. It's so lovably shitty. All 6 episodes.
  3. Del Reeves - Girl On The Billboard
  4. Monster Magnet - Ozium
  5. Yup. The last time I listened to anything GNR was when the Locker CD's first leaked. Other than that I have other shit to listen to.
  6. The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill

  7. Parliament - The Motor-Booty Affair
  8. Parliament - Rumpofsteelskin
  9. I got a recent acquisition of a TEAC 4010 SL reel to reel machine. Anybody else monkey around with this? The one I got is from 1965 and is a Goddamn workhorse. Here is a very short sample. Most of what I have is all jazz. Check this shit out.
  10. Sa Da Tay. Probably one of the most misunderstood movies ever. I LOVE it. 9/10
  11. Raging Slab - Black Belt In Boogie (bootleg unreleased album)
  12. Foddershock - Still She Looks
  13. Foddershock - Dyin' To Make A Livin'
  14. Foddershock - Don't Sell Drugs In The Trailer Park (my cousin's old band a song that starts off with the lyrics "15 little boxes onto the young and poor. And you selling your Oxycontin like a dumb ass door to door)
  15. Monster Magnet - A Better Dystopia
  16. Monster Magnet - Epitaph For A Head
  17. Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody? (such a great song. man I wish I could go back to when women could be considered classy but sexy at the same time. maybe it's the saggy pants LOL) RIP Babygirl.
  18. I've seen your mum with her knees pinned back
    You'll pay everything to hear that sound

  19. and speaking of Monster Magnet, here is Dave's old band. Shrapnel - Combat Love
  20. You have good taste, sir. I fucking love Monster Magnet and have been a fan since the tape trading days. You should check out their earlier stuff from their demos to Spine Of God, Superjudge, and Dopes To Infinity. To me it's like the holy trilogy. Way more trippier and fuzzed the fuck out. Space Lord is pretty much a heavy garage rock song in comparison. Here's some links to their demos and a collection of unreleased and b-sides I put together. https://archive.org/details/monstermagnet-forgetaboutlifeimhighondope https://archive.org/details/monstermagnet-werestonedwhatareyougoingto
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