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  1. It just means, stay ready for elections. Its gnr Weven been let down more already
  2. He once said in an interview, he does go out, but stays clear from the boogie mans and paparazzis
  3. Know what ur saying. Duff just posted n instagram vid with Street of dreams as music. So whoknows perhaps they rehearsed that one as well. Very beautiful song which Slash no doubt can transform into more epic. But ontopic. Yes people have fucked around with the online setlists. More then once
  4. I know haha, but my point was that the band rehearsed or put songs on the set that haven't been performed during those tours
  5. Songs like oh my god and perfect crie were on the list from 06 onward. Omg has been rehearsed multiple times. Dont know sure. But i think bumble said they even rehearsed Rhiad back in 06/07
  6. This is true. It was a legal matter with management. Think it was Azoff
  7. Wasnt Robbin fired in 09 after his contract ended. Wast there something dirty bout that?
  8. Slash is a monster He's always recording in his home studio. Megan said that many times before covid and after. Bes always busy writing. So no change in gnr records or slash n myles. Many artist keep them selfs busy during downtime. Slash however is a beast during those
  9. Id say lock it. Since there is no telling when or if a new video will come.
  10. Can we get back to normal. And stop arguing djeez
  11. The troubadour is not availible to do Think the rights lay with the camera crew and people to them. Thought there was a release planned but didnt pen out cause due to money dispute between gnr and the filming/editing crew...
  12. I believe he didnt notice untill after the show due to the adrenelin
  13. Holland is banning festivals till sept. 1st so pinkpop is off the list
  14. It was a great show. Band sounded great and they were having fun.
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