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  1. At this point so many have sounded bad that I don't care if we get more or not.
  2. Been here since 2003 and have thought the same a few times over the last 4 years. At the end of the day there are too many good people here, and we can talk about anything, doesn't have to be GNR. Guns will always be my favorite band because of the music they've created. That doesn't mean I have to act tone deaf. Until Axl sounds better, I will not spend another cent on concert tickets.
  3. As far as Axl's voice is concerned, that NuGuns dvd was better than the NITL selects on YouTube (with the exception of Houston).
  4. I absolutely loved the season 10 finale. Was a great finish to Beta/The Whisperers. I also liked the scene with Maggie & Judith. Very emotional as she delivered her in season 3. Haven't had time to watch World Beyond yet. I'm going to watch a few weeks worth at a time. I feel like that would be better than one week, to be a fair judge on it. I'm in the minority regarding Fear. I really liked the first three seasons. It was different than TWD. The soft reboot in season 4 made me lose interest. I don't think Morgan is the right character to lead a show.
  5. I don't care how he looks, what his weight is or who his friends are. However, I refuse to pretend that he sounds like a million bucks when it hurts my ears. Also, as the guy who basically runs the brand that is Guns N' Roses, he has done a piss poor job at it for a long time. If there is no intention on releasing new music, come out and say so. Save a lot of people the time and energy. I'll happily walk away, I mean I'm already a foot out the door as it is.
  6. Axl can't sing his own music anymore. I'd hate to hear another cover at this point.
  7. I appreciate EVH as much as everyone else but not everyone who passes away needs to be covered by GN'R.
  8. My favorite song is completely butchered. What dog shit is this? I honestly cannot believe people pay to see this.
  9. Honestly, if I was unsure about the vocal performance being any good, I'd still pass. I've seen enough really good performances by Axl Rose, that I would be content.
  10. Sorry but that doesn't change the fact I won't see them live again unless Axl does something about his voice.
  11. I'm not even going to complain about this one. What's to be said that hasn't already been.
  12. This is Country to me. Never enough Hank.
  13. Toronto 2002 - First time! Was a great gig. Toronto 2006 - This show was a lot better than the first, great time. Hamilton 2010 - My favorite. Axl sounded close to his early 90's voice and looked the part as well. They played TWAT. Hamilton 2011 Toronto 2013 Toronto 2016 - Great to see the trio back together, and for that alone it was awesome. Glad I saw them before Axl's voice deteriorated as drastically as it has.
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