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  1. As a Canadian, where can I buy these songs in high quality? Checked the official link but nothing to purchase?
  2. Now this is fucking badass! Should have went with this the first time!
  3. Everything about this "band" is fucking pathetic. I honestly could not care less about their future. If an album comes out, cool. I doubt it, though. This new podcast business is really sad. Makes TB & Axl look like bigger fools than they already did. Fuck it.
  4. I'm still shocked about the two recent deaths! Last episode I caught was 'In Dreams'. It's been pretty interesting but I still miss Kim Dickens!
  5. Does anyone know if there is flac audio for the newest selects? I'm not asking for links, by the way.
  6. The Negan episode was hands down the best of the six. I felt the 5th episode had no point to it at all. If season 11 is still a socially distanced season, I may not watch it at all.
  7. I've only read great things about the Negan episode. I'll catch it this weekend and really look forward to it. This should have been covered already!
  8. I re- watched them all. Man Of Steel BvS: Dawn Of Justice Justice League: The Snyder Cut What an epic story. I doubt it will ever happen but I'd love for Zack to finish his vision. Is there any news on if The Snyder Cut will be getting a dvd/bluray release?
  9. I thought it was a good read. The things Matt said are in line with what I've already figured regarding this clusterfuck of a band.
  10. I agree. I just have no interest in seeing the proshot footage due to the voice issue.
  11. However, he sounded pretty shit at the Troub, from the clips I heard.
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