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  1. I haven't bothered with it yet. Don't know that I will to be honest. Not one performance of Nightrain from 2017-2019 is going to be better than the Coachella soundboard we already have.
  2. The Fear showrunner teased Madison Clarke's return later in season 6! Will it happen? I for one would love to see her back. Just as she became, essentially, the female Rick Grimes, they killed her off.
  3. I've always thought that it didn't get any better than the AFD lineup but man, that fucking '02 lineup was badass. Definitely my second favorite "era" of GNR.
  4. It's from the comics. Being they may not go that way on the show is why I said it. Sorry if I spoiled anything, wasn't meaning to be a dick.
  5. Baby What you want me to do? - Elvis Comeback '68. Even though I've dabbled over the years, I technically only started taking guitar seriously this year. I'm still very much a newbie. It's coming along nicely though. I have the blues shuffle down.
  6. 12 years. I remember a time when I thought it was never going to happen. 'Chinese Democracy', 'Shacklers Revenge', 'Better', 'There Was A Time' & 'Prostitute' are real highlights for me. Too bad 'Atlas Shrugged', 'Perhaps' & 'State of Grace' were not officially released. 2006 - 2010 Axl's best years post UYI. Neither the 2016 reunion or AC/DC shows were on that level.
  7. Negan was a school gym teacher. I am so excited that we finally get the Negan backstory. I've been waiting since he debuted on the show. Now that Fear has taken the mid-season break, I'll start watching that, this weekend. Season 6 episode 1 was absolutely stellar, so I look forward to that. Still haven't watch WB as I'll wait for all the episodes to air, so I can binge watch.
  8. I'm going to start watching Fear once Sunday's episode has aired. World Beyond ends on November 29. It seems like these shows started and now they are wrapping up/taking breaks already
  9. The Walking Dead returns with the final 6 episodes of season 10 on February 28, 2021. Home Sweet Home Find me One More Splinter Diverged Here's Negan
  10. I only just started watching this show. 3 episode into the first season. It took so long due to 'Super Hero Fatigue' but I have to say this is pretty great shit!
  11. If they keep pumping out shitty live performances and over priced, tacky merch & not new music, they should just retire GN'R.
  12. It's not fear my man. Fear is the reason everyone is wearing a mask and begging for vaccinations.
  13. 1) New Album 2) Perfect Crime 3) Proshot 2006/2010 (When Axl was killing it)
  14. So apparently Jeffrey Dean Morgan's real life wife Hilary Burton, has been cast to play Lucille. A Negan prequel/flashback? Exciting!
  15. Filming has already began, so that's exciting. Apparently the last 6 episodes of season 10 are going to air early in 2021. Season 11 airing in 2022. I hope all of Fear season 6 is as good as the first episode.
  16. 1) Strange Days - The Doors 2) Vulgar Display Of Power - Pantera 3) The Ultimate Collection - Hank Williams 4) Highway To Hell - AC/DC 5) The Complete Masters - Elvis Presley Of course alot of my other favorites would have to be cut from this list, but that's what I'd take to an island.
  17. It's 2020 and I just 'discovered' Gary Clarke Jr. Where the fuck have I been?
  18. Being I don't have cable and have a buddy of mine download the episodes for me. I won't be watching Fear season 6 until I have it all. I came to this conclusion after finishing the first episode of the season. It was so damn good! Best 'Fear' has been imo, and I can't wait week to week So with that, I'll probably do the same with 'World Beyond' (although, I've seen none of that, and it could be crap. Who knows).
  19. They are, no doubt. I am just tired of being told to vote, everywhere I look. I'd rather them give us nothing than Axl's political point of view. I liked Axl better when he sang good and didn't share his politics. Edit: Spelling correction.
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