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  1. bad news guys... Bacon Jam isn't as good as it could be.... such a disappointment

  2. Is all about the cock.


  4. Apparently 'im too tired to watch a film' is an excuse i am going for today....

  5. So me and Jack Armstrong now have the internet... and what's the first thing we do with it? why catch up on James Colagiovanni's insert game of course!

  6. Suffer, because this is far worse. It will take you to a lush meadow in the height of summer. You will lie down in the soft grass, and bask in the sun and feel nothing but bliss. And you will never want to return to this frozen piss hole in the snow.

  7. Just some nutters saying Bon Voyage

  8. Jefferson starships!!!!

  9. Contrary to the slanderous allegations made by Kayleigh Sherbet Richardson, I do not nor will I ever, 'suck donkey dick' :P

  10. did you service oberon king of the fairies

  11. has a GED and a give em hell attitude

  12. 1 down 1 to go, time for the work home

  13. Season 5 is fucking brilliant! because reasons

    1. Powerage5


      It's Sunday, so I can only assume you are talking about Breaking Bad.

  14. I really like that Facebook has 'feeling human' as an emotion....

  15. There are two things that I know for certain.1) Burt and Ernie are gay2) you are not going to die a virgin hahaha

  16. Work all night, get woken up by a phone call with crap news :/

  17. Castiel: God WorksDean: You say 'in mysterious ways' I swear to god I will kick your ass!

  18. I really like pretending I don't love Ac/dc, then shoot to thrill comes on....

  19. I heard a new word today; it means muscular, I believe it pronounced "tonque"

    1. Facekicker


      Your tongue is a muscle

  20. It would be awesome if photoshop had a function to break a simple image into two layers for me, what are you waiting for Adobe? do it

  21. If someone would like to tell me the point of LinkedIn, that would be awesome

  22. its why the United Nations was formed, why women aren't allowed on pirate ships and why there is a no nail oath in apartment 4D

  23. We gotta go to the crappy town where I'm a hero

  24. New mad men time fuck off everybody

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