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  1. The joint pro shot. Last time to date skinny Axl performed live. Wonder avout running/singing balance.
  2. Gnr is the Best parody of itself. Jk f**k the naysayers :))
  3. They kicked in as crazy and raw, but really talented and honest band.
  4. Same Old, same Old. Tell your boss he must love you even if you do nothing at work because you are not in the mood of doing anything. You have to understad what is at stake here. He gives his Best live, ok, but its not or free. I dont need new music to keep loving them but its easy to understand that lot of us need it to do so. Balance is the word.
  5. It doesnt mater what you think or what I think. There are some people,including myself, who will go see the band no mater what. Who gives you aby right to tell me what to think or what to do? Have your fears or not, I dont give a shirt. Covid will always be around and it is my choice to take the risk and yours not to take it. Maybe Im a lunatic but on the other hand you may be coward. Who know. Just Look at the statistics and choose for yourself.
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