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  1. So if true what’s the title of the Piano ballad is it Seven or something we have never heard of before
  2. I have ripped the you tube clips to mp3 I wish I knew how to separate them to individual tracks.lol not that good of an audio file
  3. I miss the days we could share stuff here but some assholes ruined it
  4. Sitting here at work listening to the Zodiac instrumental man I wish we had the one with vocals. I imagine the vocals are pretty mean on this one
  5. Wonder if anyone is gonna rip them in to audio mp3s
  6. Robins solos for November Rain were horrible
  7. From a report I saw. As it began circus Maximus d tune and curly shuffle became to song Seven so will be very interested to hear it one day or if ever
  8. Axis vocals in Pittsburgh in 2016 and in Hershey 2017 were strong
  9. The truth is the band and there management don’t give two shits about our opinions they see forum members as the outliers the nerds with out a life the only ones wanting new music it is what it is
  10. With this boring time period I would enjoy hearing anything even if it’s just a work in progress
  11. Yea def hope it is out to the masses I have the original recording would def like to hear the difference
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