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  1. Sounds good! His voice reminds me of his father's. I like it. It's nice to see them making music
  2. Nice! I'm curious about the Caracas bootleg story
  3. This show has been rescheduled for november 8 https://www.gunsnroses.com/tour
  4. I think they mentioned South America as part of the next chapter on instagram stories a while ago. And also here:
  5. Maybe he meant the Freddie Mercury tribute concert in 1992, but that wasn't an actual GN'R show
  6. Not yet. But the producer hinted something yesterday Asuncionico festival will take place between march 28 and april 2, so the dates match with the GN'R tour
  7. That actually sounds pretty cool, but I think they'll be playing in different stages...?
  8. Lollapalooza Argentina just confirmed they'll be playing on march, 29th. So I guess Chile will be march 27, Colombia april 5, and Paraguay somewhere in the middle
  9. Here's a funny story told by Axl at the Dublin 2012 show: Some guy asked him "How come you do not finish Don't Cry with your "extra raspy" voice?"... "I have no fucking idea... I'm sorry" lol (6:45 mark)
  10. Congrats! I'm happy with my Super Deluxe Edition I paid $36 + shipping. That was a great deal!
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