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  1. Boggles the mind that anyone, let alone Soundgarden themselves, would hear recordings of Axl singing that song in concert and think "Oh man that's great, we should do that with him."
  2. How dare you question GNR fan dogma? It has been well established since at least 2002 that Axl Rose is still the best singer in the world, and all digital recording technology is designed to make him sound worse! I bet the microchips in our COVID jabs are doing some of that work too.
  3. Has there been a single song that leaked, got tweaked, and then was officially released where the final cut is better than the leak? I mean shit, they took Brian fucking May off Catcher in the Rye. This band remains a caricature of itself. Do we now believe even more? Maybe Ashba really was better than the other one... #ABSUЯD
  4. If you're having song problems, I feel bad for you son I got '99 vocals and Hardskool is one Hit me!
  5. Midnight is only 9 hours away, looking forward to hearing this bad boy!
  6. Getting banned by Jarmo is better than getting banned by the other one. Now we suspend even more.
  7. GNR fans: Release Hardskool! GNR: Here's Silkworms with a new title. Is that enough. GNR fans: No, we said Hardskool. Release Hardskool! GNR: We know what you really want - new UYI merch! This fuckin band.....
  8. Newsome's popularity is about 10% lower than the percentage of votes for "No." So either the people who don't like him are less likely to vote, or people who don't like him still prefer him to the alternative. An awful look for the people who backed the recall.
  9. How are we two pages deep and I'm the first person to add Team Brazil?
  10. I can't imagine any horror movie scarier than "Fernando will show up at your house and proceed to conduct a three hour goddamn meeting"
  11. I too am friends with Common Sense and he told me the same thing.
  12. I don't expect another GNR record ever. I expect they'll go the Motley Crue route. A single or two for each new tour (SOYL, Absurd, Hard Skool, and onward), maybe the occasional video or promotion, but nothing more than that. They're a touring nostalgia act. Anything more will be unexpected.
  13. Honestly the idea of hearing anything on any sort of schedule feels like a fantasy with this band. We got Shadow of Your Love, then nothing. Now we have Absurd. I expect more nothing. I would love to be proven wrong, but I’ve learned that in the fucked up world of this band, “soon” is never the word.
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