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  1. There is no rock band in the world more litigious than GN’R. I expect that Bumble was under a contract that he couldn’t get out of.
  2. He was extraordinarily diplomatic while he was in the band, but they treated him like shit. Especially in 2010-2012 when he was recovering from a spinal injury in a severe car accident. They essentially told him upfront that if he didn’t show up for a tour that they’d cancel the tour and blame (implying that they would sue) him. He agreed to the tours, reconfigured his treatment schedule around the dates, and then the band started adding dates without regard for his health. By the UCAP shows in 2012 he was in extraordinarily rough shape, and basically put his life on the line for the fans. I b
  3. It was surreal in the extreme. They had only announced the show a week in advance, give or take. I was a senior in college at the time and literally brought a stack of textbooks to the venue with me so I could be on the railing for the show. I talked to some other autograph collector friends in the area about how good the venue was to meet artists and went in prepared but with low expectations, knowing that Axl didn't love the whole autograph line setup. Getting to really hang out with Bumble for a while would have been amazing enough, but the interaction with Axl was absolutely insane. I don'
  4. He was high as a kite 100% of the time. I’m gonna go ahead and say he definitely doesn’t remember all of his facts from the band’s early days.
  5. That’s a Texas-sized 10-4, good buddy.
  6. I met Axl, DJ, and Bumble after the Philly UCAP show. I wrote a long post about it at the time, link below, but here’s the bit I wrote up on the meet and greet in the parking lot after the show: GNRSkidRow1 and I headed out the side door as soon as the show ended and headed for the stage entrance area, along with McCoy and crew. There were probably 30 people out there totally, about 2/3 fans and 1/3 dealers ( ). We were told it would be at least an hour, and we all settled in. Dj came out about 20 minutes later. He signed and took pics with almost everyone who wanted, but Del shuttled h
  7. I think they have a bright future ahead of them if they have these kids waiting in the wings. Quite the combo, they can cover for both Phil and Brian if need be.
  8. Was GNR still alive when the pandemic started? Or is it dead now? They’re probably exclusively a live act now and won’t record any new music again, and that was true before COVID too. Not sure much has changed.
  9. Rock N Roll Train cooks pretty nicely, but I’m not sure I can name another non-title track from an AC/DC album released in a good 20 years. Still, in the current music climate, I’ll gladly accept AC/DC.
  10. Don’t you know that those graphs and data points are paid for by George Soros as part of his deep state conspiracy to force you to wear masks? Duh. #fakenews #q 🙄
  11. Groundhog Day was adapted into a broadway musical, for which there is an official cast album recording. Basically what I'm saying is Groundhog Day resulted in new music faster than GN'R.
  12. I love this conversation about a GNR/Brian May collaboration acting like it's a hypothetical, as opposed to a thing that happened that we have literally heard with our ears.
  13. Can something be secret that doesn't exist? I mean, I don't think GN'R are holding back any information. I just don't think they're doing fuck all.
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