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  1. But those were rehearsals at publicly known places (the Vancouver studio etc.), that was different. They even recorded their own rehearsals. If they really wanted to keep it under the lid, and given how many studios Axl could use, I think it would be doable for GNR. And people don’t want to get dragged through the courts and pay loads of money (especially in the Covid poverty years), considering everything is traceable these days, considering all those wrecked youtube channels, and considering the Kevin Cogill story for example. I may be grasping at straws here, but I really think this w
  2. Again, an NDA for all the engineers etc. "You don't leak/publish anything, not even a rumour, or you're fired." Simple as that.
  3. Slash also said something about folders in his phone. They could have jammed/played numerous times during 2020 without us knowing it (together or sending each other ideas) - the one time it leaked on Twitter, but I imagine it cannot be too hard to bind people with an NDA, and if you tell anyone, you're fired. In short: I want to believe.
  4. If only there already were several threads on the C-virus... But I get it, the truth is, there's barely anything to talk about these days.
  5. However, if they keep doing it like this, it will only work for the first months before the numbers will start going down – once people realize this is just another NITL with the same songs sung by Herbert the Pervert. Then they’ll move on to bands who release and play new music, pandemic or not.
  6. I thought Slash said he was working on new material, didn't he?
  7. So... there's a half-year gap between the last Australian gig and the first one in Europe. Therefore, if they don't play anything new this year (granted they play at all), we can still say this is just compensation for the hunger, and the new exciting stuff will only come in EU 2022! After that, I seriously don't know.
  8. Sadly, yes. But they handled it analogically on the UYI tour, so they'll handle it again. There will always be something missing. Think about the poor people who got to hear the entire CD minus Riad at a single gig in 2009 - those heaps of old songs they could have heard instead but didn't!
  9. I’ve never understood this “they absolutely have to play these 8 staples every show” idea. Whenever I see an argument like this, I think: how the hell have other bands managed then? Like Iron Maiden or Metallica – the 30-year old songs are definitely not the bigger part of their gigs. Well, they have – through releasing more material and gradually incorporating it in the playlist. You got about 5 songs that should be played (in fact, I’d say just 3 or 4), then they should play 3–5 new songs, plus more later, and the rest should be the known songs but not just those that were played to death in
  10. Drunk Fux The Stockholm biting incident The "he hit my mother" airport incident The list goes on. :)
  11. After all the years of being a fan, I saw "Gary Clark" and read it as "Gilby Clarke" for a split second. How weird would that be.
  12. It is definitely not to be taken literally. We’re talking about the overall level of the current power/influence distribution in the band that is sort of in the air. Of course this isn’t how I’d imagine they communicate. I agree with that Axl’s perfectionism part, but I’d definitely rather wait another 5 years for an album with Slash than to have him leave and get a CD 2 within two years or even earlier. Well, to each their own. The new music – I meant Slash saying that he’s worked on new material.
  13. I wouldn’t say “evidence” is the word, as we barely have anything similar to that in this background world of GN’R, do we. And if so, we usually only get to it retrospectively, after years. As for any emotional bond – no, I see it strictly politically these days. It’s about whether Axl wants to keep it all going. If he does, he has to listen to the two guys, or let's say just Slash, at least partially. Again, he could afford to fire Slash back in the 90s but cannot do the same now. And that is the key, that’s why it’s different now IMO. So you’re right that Slash cannot ever make him releas
  14. I don’t think it’s about literal making him release music he wouldn’t be content with. It’s more about the distribution of power/influence in the band. Slash’s opinion really can affect Axl more than that of anyone else in the past (which also includes speeding things up). Not to mention that the preceding (hired) gunners often may not have even dared tell him anything or make any kind of pressure. Slash can do that; he knows he won’t get fired, and since Axl started sounding the way he has since 2017/18, Slash has been the one actually carrying the biggest show on his shoulders. His position
  15. Holy crap, I've just discovered that the actress playing Lucille is Morgan's actual wife! Daymn! Plus the easter eggs, the acting... yes, definitely one of the best episodes.
  16. To be fair and to balance things out, let's not forget it was Axl who said "we're ready for mixing" in as early as 2000, and Ezrin basically told him to shove it. I imagine he got butt hurt, and that's where the delay madness started. Just to be fair.
  17. I think only some of them, but this must have happened during.
  18. I'm betting they'll release a new album no later than in 2023. Edit: Provided the Covid problem is handled this year.
  19. This just in: A new album by Guns N' Roses called "Wasted Opportunity" to be released in 2031. Stay tuned.
  20. Every time I see something like this, whole waves of optimism run over me. Happy Easter, everyone.
  21. Yeah, he appeared in one or two. I didn't realize it was him at first tbh.
  22. Not releasing the Troubadour video as a whole just baffles me. It would be perfect.
  23. This thread has taken a very disappointing turn. Is this where sjws usually come from?
  24. He will now become a full-time band member, replacing Melissa Reese on keyboards. Beta Lebeis, Del James, and Jarmo will fill in for Tracy & Roberta as the background band on the upcoming brand new "NITL II" Tour, where the band will present their biggest hits such as Sweet Child O' Mine or Welcome to the Jungle, plus songs from their newest album, Chinese Democracy. A rumour has been around saying that the band may open their gigs with It's So Easy, now including some guy named Alfred on acoustic guitar. Stay tuned.
  25. Funk as yuck Hung as duck Lung as Huck Sung as cuck Drunk as puck Dung as luck (Sorry, 4 days off ahead of me)
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