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  1. House of Blues was stronger, especially the first part of the show, vocal-wise. On the other hand, I myself prefer the raspier stuff (even some 02 gigs were quite good, but got nothing on 06 or 2010). I like Rio as a whole, because it definitely caught them in a unique situation (a comeback in front of such an insane crowd, new songs and Axl having a lot to prove etc.), and the atmosphere was awesome. But Axl was weaker there, and the band still hadn't quite been there yet. Still, a gem.
  2. I’d put him in Rick and Morty to make an episode about time travel so that CD wouldn’t have taken so long, or something on this topic. Or Family Guy. But then, they couldn’t ask him to voice himself, otherwise it couldn’t be proper mockery. Do you guys remember they mocked him in American Dad? His 2016 AC/DC looks.
  3. Damn, and now another 2 years of waiting for the next season of American Gods... Oh well.
  4. In any case, the gig was definitely unique. Glad to have a pro-shot!
  5. Nailed? With that 2001 falsetto all over it, and the "ok, nevermind" bit, I don't know, man. Many 2002 versions were better IMO. Many screw-ups there too, iirc. ISE, Patience (but you have to give him that he was running at the end)...
  6. You said it yourself. Because they are absolute legends. And it's not 1987 any more. And they're not 25 any more. It would be kind of interesting to see, but it could never live up to what people imagine it would be like. Things like this are better off in the past, in our memories. You just can't bring it back, no matter how much you'd like to. Have you read Stephen King's "Pet Sematary"? If not, read it.
  7. K, however, I can assure you that's not him.
  8. I've heard better Axl impersonators than this one.
  9. I haven’t heard it in a while, but for me, the highlight of KOHD live would always be that Axl’s fourth scream – which he did best in either Osaka or Tokyo 2009 (I think he was mentioning Ted Danson there) and which was missing in those ‘01 gigs. Plus those Slash’s imaginative solos during the UYI tour. On the other hand, I did like the Village acoustic version. It’s great when you listen to it at night while drinking whisky or something. I could imagine more GN’R songs done this way.
  10. Well, I agree that they should either drop it or play it in the UYI version again (I’d prefer the former), but the ultimate fact is, it’s a singalong song, they do it for the crowds, mainly for the “older” folks. Take a look at the Rock am Ring 2006 video – there’s an older lady who’s singing along while barely knowing even the basic lyrics – but she’s evidently happy, and that’s why they do it. Similar with SCOM. Too big of a hit, too much of a signature matter to be dropped.
  11. Oh. I believe so too. But then, the band was already different, and so was the sound and the era. So idk where the comparisons would lead.
  12. The only way how that "re-recorded Appetite" from 99 could ever be officially released while making at least some sense (a leak would be a different thing) would be if there was a major, huge box set with old pro-shots, demos from all eras (i.e. not just a UYI box) etc., where just a part of the audio portion would be this AfD footage. It couldn’t constitute like a half of the content, as that would draw too much attention to it, creating inevitable comparisons etc., which Axl definitely wouldn’t want. But if it was like "oh yeah, and this is what we kinda did between the CD recording sessions
  13. So basically, you would have wanted even less material from GN'R. No, it was a big project - including the tour - and I like it the way it was done.
  14. Considering they used some 15 studios, anything may exist with vocals, including songs we've never heard of. Imagination has no limits.
  15. 10 years after Slash tried to get to Axl's house first! An approx. 10-year delay is Axl's standard rate, so this math mystery is thus solved.
  16. Well, there is this new viewpoint folks have said here recently that I hadn’t previously considered – that he was already kinda thinning out the rasp during 93, and then there was the 96 Outpatience thing, where we couldn’t hear much, but considering how he sounded later starting 99, it would suggest it was a gradual process. And then the difference between 02 and 06 was so huge that any “surgery” would make sense to have happened between these two points. A few kilos simply couldn’t have been the cause. Anyway, we’ll never know, and like you say, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would ask him
  17. Did he ask Steven like, "so what was this whole One in a Million business supposed to mean, man"?
  18. The thickest paragraph says it all. I honestly cannot believe the patience of all these musicians! Hats off.
  19. Reminds me of Baz saying there'll be this awesome doom metal song called Sorry.
  20. Yeah, you got a point there. It does seem like logic and the world of GN'R are mutually exclusive...
  21. Yes but… even if he was thinner in 06 than 01, he definitely wasn’t in 2010, when he sang like the devil nonetheless. And even if he was… look, some extra 10 or 15 kilos don’t change the way your vocal cords work this drastically. Regardless of what I’ve said before, this is what I think happened – there’s a logical timeline: 1) After the weird comeback of 01/02 and before 2006, as the CD was approaching, Axl had a vocal cord surgery or something like that. He then sounded great and gave it his best, the “imminent” CD needed promotion. He could always sound well for a year or so. 2)
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