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  1. Yes but… even if he was thinner in 06 than 01, he definitely wasn’t in 2010, when he sang like the devil nonetheless. And even if he was… look, some extra 10 or 15 kilos don’t change the way your vocal cords work this drastically. Regardless of what I’ve said before, this is what I think happened – there’s a logical timeline: 1) After the weird comeback of 01/02 and before 2006, as the CD was approaching, Axl had a vocal cord surgery or something like that. He then sounded great and gave it his best, the “imminent” CD needed promotion. He could always sound well for a year or so. 2)
  2. It definitely would help, and I’ve never shied away from criticizing them for doing fuck all in that PR regard (which we can’t even blame on that crappy management team of theirs). However, I’ve never doubted an album would be released. It makes sense – they can’t tour the greatest hits forever. Slash can’t be in it just for money, there’s a legacy not to ruin. And we’ve heard they are working on stuff. I know, it could be just a PR schtick, but for me, there’s just no logic behind being completely sceptical about it. What would they do then? Watch the crowds thin out? Even if it was just o
  3. I agree the autopilot mode must have had in impact, but the difference between 01 and 06 was so negligible there's no way this explanation (a few kilos here or there) could satisfy reason. It's still a mystery. Maybe he realized/admitted he's destroying his throat like this and it's not sustainable any longer...
  4. While this is definitely well said, I wouldn’t forget about at least one thing. Not the fact that Axl has successfully returned vocal-wise several times in the past and that this break might push the band to finally put the nostalgia approach behind them; that’s not the main thing. The main thing is, we currently are in an unprecedented situation at least as far as forums go: we’re awaiting a unique piece of music where we’ll get to hear how the guys can work and sound together on the first new material since 1991. CD was about Axl’s solo endeavour with hired guns, NITL was about playing the g
  5. We’ve been here before, but anyway: the age thing is obviously nonsense. Not that it doesn’t play any role whatsoever, but you don’t grow old within half a year. The way he sang in 2011 was similar to 2002 (not the same). So I have a question for all you ageists: how is it possible that he sang the way he did in 2001/02, and yet then he came back in 2006 (and 2010) where he sounded almost like the good ole raspy god from the 90s? The same would apply to 2016 as compared with Up Close And Personal or whatever the shit before. This case would suggest the vocal coach’s work, which he stated hi
  6. Comparing with the previous downtimes, this is nothing really. Sure, we have the Covid excuse. And the fact is that the damn thing doesn’t prevent them from releasing videos etc. The one aspect in which this is worse is that this break is after a few years that kinda sucked. In 2003–2005, there was excitement (and probably also worries) as to what will happen. 2008 was just one year, and we had plenty to talk about post-release, didn’t we. And there were no forums before 2001, so I don’t even include that. But this time, not only are things taking long, but the band refuses to release any o
  7. There's this logo for AU/NZ (better than nothing, I guess): https://www.gunsnroses.com/news
  8. Isn’t "Totally Pointless and Disappointing" the cover name of the whole NITL Selects project?
  9. I know, right? Imagine something like this: "Hey folks, just wanted to let you know we’ve been working on booking new dates at some US festivals. We’ve been negotiating with Wrigley Fields and …, which should take place on … Of course, we will let you know should anything change in this regard. Follow our website and social media for news & update. PS: We’ve also been working on a Not In This Lifetime DVD, which should be due in late summer ’21. Its main body will consist of the 2016 Houston show, and there also will be some bonuses like the Troubadour, … Thank you all for suppo
  10. Yeah, I remember Robert Patrick from the later X-Files series. He's pretty cool. I mean, the rotters have to decompose eventually, right? When you see some of them, the disintegration has gone quite far already, and they can't just go on forever without any energy/food whatsoever, can they? Just speculating here, of course. I guess none of the zombie movies have gone this far, but this would be logical. Anyway, there doesn't have to be any strictly conclusive ending. The folks will procreate and either resolve it sooner or later, or go extinct. That's fine as long as they find Rick and t
  11. They're not comparable with the 87-93 era not because of new songs or material but because these were two entirely different bands from two entirely different times, period. I do agree with your last paragraph, though.
  12. Whatever the pause will take, if they don't come up with any new songs + Axl sounds the same he did around 2019, I'm throwing in the towel on watching any YT videos / streams of any new shows, even individual songs. I know they do things their way, but there's that and then there's this unique situation. Changes need to be made. I know, I know, "some people are never satisfied" & "they don't owe us anything"!
  13. It all stood or fell on a) the novelty / return of the band after 2002, b) Axl's vocal form, c) the new songs being played in connection with the relase of CD. Therefore, 2006/07 as well as 2009/10 were great. The rest... hmm... well...
  14. Friggin' T1000, I knew we wouldn't get rid of him that easily!
  15. Weak. I say let's break the circle and start supporting the idea of a triple album!
  16. I think it would have been beneficial for DJ if he went through the same beginnings as the old Guns boys when they were starting - i.e. sleeping on couches etc.
  17. Ha. Yeah, those "poor" bastards, Oprah included. I feel so sorry for them (not sorry for me).
  18. Here’s the thing: I actually like the guitar bridge in HS. The drums sound like Dave Grohl trying to play Use Your Illusion (which doesn’t necessarily mean bad). Axl’s vocals are definitely strong on this one. I understand why the guy was saving this track – as well as Atlas etc. – for CD II. Cheers.
  19. Imagine a photo from 1991 where instead of the depraved drunkards you see smiling Axl and Slash surrounded by Alan Niven's family, his children's spouses and various nannies constantly breathing on their neck on every snapshot...
  20. I take it you weren't talking to me here, but let me just state anyway that I myself quite like the album. Loved it when it came out, still like it. There are weaker parts, there are stronger parts, lots of it sounded better in a 2010 live version. Well, I'm not a casual, am I.
  21. I wouldn't downright call it a myth, because what you're describing is far away from what I meant by - and what is indeed generally perceived as - proper promotion. But otherwise yes.
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