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  1. I thought the mask thing wasn't a good idea, because sooner or later someone will whack this guy, take his clothes + mask and infiltrate the group!
  2. Because nobody knows how it will work. It's said that it doesn't really stop you from getting it and/or spreading it. I guess it's a waiting game now, and they don't wanna book anything just to eventually cancel it again and frustrate people even more.
  3. Well, basically the same people did this with Appetite in 99 according to Axl. Just wait for the right locker to burst - and voila!
  4. Absolutely, but I still also wanna hear what new stuff these three guys created together. A mixture is the way.
  5. I'd be fine with it as long as the whole album doesn't consist of songs composed this way.
  6. I have no problem with this (the question is whether the US can be compared to the rest of the world, but even if it was the case), but I maintain that if I don’t get a physical CD, I’m pirating it, definitely not moving to streaming services or whatever the hell. There’s still money in it (they can make preliminary surveys, can’t they), and records will be records – or do you expect grandfathers to go fully online? Once again – other bands do it (without getting financially ruined), so can this one.
  7. Again, I do remember clearly thinking it should have been a single album, unlike UYI. Also, I see a certain difference between a not-so-strong-song and a filler. But yeah, it’s obviously different to each of us, which is why I said to each their own.
  8. Don’t know about “most people”, but the fact remains that a lot of people still do and are going to, especially older generations. And even if most people streamed it or whatever, these “old-timers” won’t switch to this type of sources just because. So if, hypothetically, physical records completely ceased to be released, we’d pirate them and then put them in our hard drives. Meaning the band wouldn’t get the money it normally would have from a physical record. There may be less and less in it, but it’s still something to take into account.
  9. Well I haven't really perceived any decrease in quality in any of the UYI songs, excluding My World (or DC with different lyrics). Even a song like Bad Apples is just different, but not worse. Idk, I guess it just functions better as a whole to me. Don't really remember the SOAD records too much any more, but distinctively remember thinking that the albums could have been made into one. Totally different from UYI. Nevermind.
  10. Not all of us are 20-year old, smartphone-dependent fools. I’m 39, and while I have a general idea as to what Spotify is, I’d never listen to music from my favourite band just through some streaming service. I like being offline too, and I dislike always having to rely on internet connection, wi-fi signal, phone data, and all this crap. That doesn’t make me an outlier, by the way. If I really like a band, I buy their CD. Not to stick it in the drive each time, but to grab the mp3 to put it in my PC, to have the original including the booklet, and above all, to support the band. As for the "
  11. Wow, it was long ago and I forgot. Still, a lot of fillers, and the guitarist needs to play the guitar and leave the singing up to the singer. As for UYI, I don't think it's comparable. And I don't really perceive any songs as fillers tbh. But to each their own.
  12. I actually still haven't heard that record. I do believe that e.g. the last SOAD's record had a number of fillers and it would have been better way shortened. Anyway, I'm not afraid that would be GNR's case - I believe there's a lot of great material, old and new. Whether or not to release it all at once though, that's another question. I'd say one by one would be better, but this time it would need to actually come to fruition, and not like in the CD's case, when the "first part" was released and then we never saw the rest...
  13. Yes, with one huge difference, though: NuGNR was Axl's project, where he was the sole captain at the helm. But when talking about the Reunion, we need to take the force of Slash (and Duff) into consideration. They do have their say; the decision-making power has been diluted (into at least halves, if not thirds).
  14. Sure, there’s that, but honestly, I don’t really believe it. Even if Axl was fine with touring the greatest hits forever, the Slash/Duff duo wouldn’t be ok with this for much longer. I know they have vents like solo albums, but still, there’s certain legacy that got them where they are now. Plus they’d get bored sooner or later. We’ve had enough of NITL; I say something regarding UYI will happen this year, and once the C-19 problem is tamed, they’ll come up with something brand new, and this time it won’t be just cartoons or merchandise!
  15. There are many options. Axl could use just the lyrics. Maybe show them to the boys and let them start from scratch with the music. Etc.
  16. What do you wanna play? What do you wanna play? Huh? We kinda pick them as we go. Don't wanna stand up here playing Appetite round and round, that would feel like jerking off, you know. We got two... no, that's four records coming up soon. Etc. Hey, they've handled it before, they'll manage now, no?
  17. If they released one side of new stuff and the other old revamped stuff, Axl would inevitably expose himself to severe comparisons. And I don't think that's something he'd want, especially considering the whole NuGNR/CD was his personal baby of a sort...
  18. There's one guy I would care about even in this extent, though. A certain red-headed bastard who refuses to release music.
  19. We need to understand these guys are fathers now, and they're not gonna spill the beans on all the sex & drugs & rock n' roll orgies in the background - mainly all the groupies, financial and other shit, and all kinds of shenanigans they've done in the past in hotel rooms and elsewhere...
  20. Trailer Park Boys - Jail (2021). I'm halfway through, and I have to say I love it. Even though it's mainly in the jail (duh), and Mr. Lahey obviously is not there, it's basically good old TPB. I wonder what their next plan is - whether or not they'll get back to the park and continue without John Dunsworth...
  21. Same here. HS is cool, and so are some parts of those other songs, like the beginning of Atlas. Eye on You sounds like something between Madagascar and My World, ha ha. If you see a "who's your McDaddy" reference here, it's to this song.
  22. You haven’t really missed anything. These are the new songs that contain vocals. Plus Eye on You, but that completely sounds like some Axl’s solo and not GN’R. The rest is either not new to us (Silk Worms) or it doesn’t have vocals, and in this state, it’s like some weird video-game background music.
  23. Matt was approached by Fernando, who offered him $1 million to cut out the "Frank can’t play" part. Matt said 'fuck off, I’ll do it only if you get me the drummer position back'. Fernando is now negotiating with Axl, who has mixed feelings about the whole thing. Slash and Duff stated that they’d make an exception and wouldn't get involved in any decision-making regarding GN'R this one time. More info to come, follow Reddit.
  24. Wiki says this was announced in 2019. However, the latest album he released was in 2016 - still better than Axl's 2008!
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