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  1. It doesnt necessary mean that they need more recording, it could mean they have to finalize things like track order, artwork etc...maybe some mixing.
  2. I remember Sp1at back in the day, as I remember pretty reliable information so this gives me a little bit of optimism
  3. So Richard will be playing on his home pitch in Norway - For(t)us race track, Stavanger
  4. Still some time to finish up the album before the tour then!
  5. Its called Circus Maximus on the locker leaks!
  6. We have this song (instrumental version) on the locker discs - it sounds really interesting. It might be Axl on the piano
  7. Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme was interviewed the other day. By the way, their last album was out 2008 (the same as Chinese Democracy) He said that the album was finished and ready to be released march 2020, but was stopped by the pandemic. He said they are a touring band and wants to tour and promote the album on the road. Ha said further that when to world re-opens - lets celebrate it with this new music and that we all can gather on a concert again. It might be that GNR thinks in a similar vein, I believe the album is done!
  8. This sounds good! And pretty epic video to come along with it
  9. Yes one of the great albums of the year so far, might end up in the top 5 for this year! ..but we are still waiting on the return of Helloween (with Kiske and Kai hansen)... and GNR??
  10. Pearl Jam - Gigaton Pain of Salvation - Panther : Biffy Clyro - Celebration of endings Demon & Wizards - III Protest the hero - Palimpsest Fish - Weltschmerz Bon jovi - 2020
  11. Classic rock had an interesting article about Walking papers - Duffs former band. They have a new album coming without Duff - because of other duties! Lets hope its recording and release of a new GNR record
  12. Lets say GNRs new album consists of 14 songs and they each get played like 5 million times on spotify. (AC/CD Shot in the dark pr. now has 13.7 million plays) This will generate about 280 000 dollars for this one streaming application alone. You also generate income from streams from Tidal, Youtube etc and digital downloads on Itunes. I think that in Axls head this is pure artistic integrity and he does not want a product out with the name GNR on it that is not holding up quality wise against AFD/UIY/CD. We all hoped this would change with Duff and Slash in, but it seems like nothing
  13. In fact, a big rock band like GNR will earn quite a bit on new music I think. Even though the streaming income is pretty low for most bands/artist it will still generate a good bonus with millions of streams. On top of that GNR still have fans that actually buys the physical product. It also will create buzz for the tour and generate more touring income They can even do some of these deluxe box set versions that fans are gonna pay up for.
  14. OK, but we know there is material Touring plus new music = more money! And in this period when they have no possibility of touring, they HAVE to write/record/mix whatever they have
  15. There has to be a new album ready for touring, there is no other time than now to finish up what they have. If they are not able to complete something during these covid-times they are never going to finish up the album. There is actually a possibility that they have material for several records with input from Duff and Slash. Lets hope they are piling up material like in the dark times (99-02) I think Axl might have some severe psychological problems, almost like Brian Wilson and Syd Barrett, regarding letting new material out. He has no problem with touring it seems..
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