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  1. A good start, but they have to follow-up in 2022
  2. I think the reactions are fairly positive, but its more difficult for us fans to accept changes to a song we have a relationship with, the majority of casual fans will hear this song for the first time and will be easier to please. I have played it for some friends and they all think it rocked and resembled much of what was/is good about GNR Somebody should pull up a poll so we could give the song a rating from 1 to 10
  3. I think the organ i Dizzy but its a nice addition, it not very audible anyway..
  4. I am surprised by the absence of push from Management/GNR on this: Just a facebook post: Hardskool is out now! They have to say something more at some point, right? A lyric video would have helped! I guess it will slowly be picked up by news and music sites and generate hits but if they are not saying something or revealing a press release i am not sure this track will get more views than Absurd. Lets hope something in the works.. It could be the last album they are owing the label and just have to clean up the closet with the old songs with no major promotion and they are coming back with an all new album with new songs next summer - wishful thinking!? Leftover album this november New album next summer
  5. No. Pretty tied op Civil war November rain Estranged Yesyerdays Dont cry Dead horse Coma 14 years Dont damn me
  6. Its better than You could be mine, personally thinks at least 10 tracks on UYI better than that
  7. So is the organ Dizzy or Melissa? Like this version, but the hey hey with slash slide solo is a bit distracting.
  8. I came across maybe a relevant news update from another band regarding vinyl plants. The band is Marillion and the update: Despite the album being finished in October, tis impossible to release this year so we are looking at early 2022. We wish we could release the album sooner but, owing to a worldwide shortage of cardboard and a scarity of vinyl manufacturing facilities, the manufacture of physical records is currentsly taking many months. All artists are facing the same reality. We`ll be as quick as we can.
  9. Did it! Memory Remains Aint my bitch Until it sleeps Wasting my hate Unforgiven II Where the wild things are The house that Jack built Carpe Diem baby Hero of the day Mama said Better than you Low mans lyric 12 songs - 67 minutes
  10. I still think the release (Split single or EP) will be this year even if NZ is cancelled.
  11. Hopefully its just the vinyl plant delay, they want fans to have an option to buy something new and not something that has been out digitally for weeks.
  12. So Axl was really sick friday and that could have delayed the live debut
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