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  1. Pearl Jam - Gigaton Pain of Salvation - Panther : Biffy Clyro - Celebration of endings Demon & Wizards - III Protest the hero - Palimpsest Fish - Weltschmerz Bon jovi - 2020
  2. Classic rock had an interesting article about Walking papers - Duffs former band. They have a new album coming without Duff - because of other duties! Lets hope its recording and release of a new GNR record
  3. Lets say GNRs new album consists of 14 songs and they each get played like 5 million times on spotify. (AC/CD Shot in the dark pr. now has 13.7 million plays) This will generate about 280 000 dollars for this one streaming application alone. You also generate income from streams from Tidal, Youtube etc and digital downloads on Itunes. I think that in Axls head this is pure artistic integrity and he does not want a product out with the name GNR on it that is not holding up quality wise against AFD/UIY/CD. We all hoped this would change with Duff and Slash in, but it seems like nothing
  4. In fact, a big rock band like GNR will earn quite a bit on new music I think. Even though the streaming income is pretty low for most bands/artist it will still generate a good bonus with millions of streams. On top of that GNR still have fans that actually buys the physical product. It also will create buzz for the tour and generate more touring income They can even do some of these deluxe box set versions that fans are gonna pay up for.
  5. OK, but we know there is material Touring plus new music = more money! And in this period when they have no possibility of touring, they HAVE to write/record/mix whatever they have
  6. There has to be a new album ready for touring, there is no other time than now to finish up what they have. If they are not able to complete something during these covid-times they are never going to finish up the album. There is actually a possibility that they have material for several records with input from Duff and Slash. Lets hope they are piling up material like in the dark times (99-02) I think Axl might have some severe psychological problems, almost like Brian Wilson and Syd Barrett, regarding letting new material out. He has no problem with touring it seems..
  7. In a UYI Boxset - how much unreleased material from this period exists?
  8. And even though it seems like its just GNR that is not managing to get something out, there is also other releases that is still not released because of the uncertainty and circumstances: Extreme - New album finished early 2020 Helloween - First album with Michael Kiske since '93, was supposed to be out aug 2020 Steven Wilson - coming early 2021 (was supposed to be out before summer 2020) Ugly Kid Joe - Rad wings of destiny, new album ready to go, obviously also wants to tour behind it.
  9. Of course Covid could be a legitimate reason for not releasing stuff, whats one year more to us, we have already waited 12 years A lot of musicians/groups that had planned to release albums early in the year pushed to release 6 months ahead. They thought that Covid-19 had gone by then, but what happened? It makes much more sense to put out an album to tour, but at the same time I think most artists get bored and want to be productive and get something out. Look at Bon jovi f.example - the album got heavily influenced by the year and what we have been going through - but I think with
  10. It was a long time listening to the leaks, but yesterday I made a pretty good playlist and listened to it all and it was both pleasing and depressing. Its very good songs there, and there is songs there that the casuals dont even know exist. There was so much potential, but on one side we are wishing for completely new recordings and the other part wants to finish up a lot of these tracks that really have great potential. Anyway, the playlist: Chinese Democracy (2000 intentions demo) Atlas Shrugged HardSchool Perhaps Catcher in the rye (Brian May version) Oh my God State
  11. The new album is pretty good, and a lot more interesting rock-wise than in a long while. Blood in the water(!) is maybe the best one, very Dry County-ish but with a dash of Pink Floyd and Dire Straits mixed in. This, Story of love and Beautiful Drug have some really good guitar work by Phil X who replaced Sambora. Brothers in arms is another rocker with some Creedence vibes and the slow songs are not love ballads but interesting and moody
  12. Perhaps would have been an ideal single for this band, let Slash do his own take and solos (We already have the May version so thats ok) - This song is pretty similar to what they did on UYI and will also draw casuals back because of the extremely good melody and have a good chance of gaining some serious (rock) airplay. Maybe they bring Elton John in to play the piano part, this will gain more exposure and cross-over appeal. Like Ozzy did with Ordinary man
  13. If the pandemic is under control by summer 2021 i guess the album will be out and coincide with the festivals and other tour dates. If they are able to tour 2021 and dont get the album out within the year, its never going to happen
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