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  1. Well, nothing new. Slash and Duff had already confirmed they’re working on new music a hundred times before. What would be really exciting is to know when it’s coming...but I’m guessing they won’t announce anything beforehand, it will just come out and that’s it - as most artists do these days. I loved that she mentioned Peaky Blinders as I’m watching it during this quarantine. Not only the show is great, but the soundtrack is killer! If anyone is looking for something to watch...
  2. Myles voice is annoying and I don’t care if he’s technically great or not. For me, it lacks originality, it’s generic, there’s no emotion. But I do think it’s pretty cool that the guy is always prepared, he’s consistent and you always know what you’ll get. I love Slash to pieces and Snakepit has great songs. He’s still great and the best part of the GNR show. IMHO the thing with new material, not only Slash’s but older musicians in general, is the lack of inspiration in the newer songs. I don’t know what it is, maybe as everything else in life creativity doesn’t last forever, doesn’t
  3. Since we cannot post links here anymore, can anyone at least give a hint of where I can find the You’re Crazy video?
  4. If you’re expecting questions related to new music, don’t even bother watching this. SJ and Duff are close friends for decades and he asked about when Duff moved to LA, he didn’t know.
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