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  1. Well, I guess I’m alone on this one. I don’t think that Axl is their hostage and he’s also not a saint. Yes, it seems that TB does everything to please him, but I absolutely do not believe that they make this very important decisions without him knowing about it, especially because he loves having control. Axl is a pretty smart guy and it’s a very comfortable position for him having someone to publicly take the blame for every bad decision that GNR makes.
  2. Axl’s voice these days is not made for high quality sound. That’s why I’m ok with periscope.
  3. Worse? I don’t think so. As a PR I would tell him to get the cds back and forget about it. There’s nothing he can do about the leaks, once it’s on the internet there’s no way back. But I don’t think that he would listen to me. I think he would want some kind of revenge and it’s kind of understandable, he’s pissed, it was his music that he chose not to release, and some random guy decided to put it out to the world. So, if he HAD to do something, he should have done it legally, don’t make a show going after the guy with securities in front of the arena, bringing even more attention.
  4. Exactly. Just go after the guy legally, put your angry and feelings aside and don’t turn this whole thing into a show, it’s ridiculous. And yes, I think Axl is totally involved with this decision. Axl is not a puppet, TB wouldn’t make such a move without him knowing. People forget that Axl is a complete control freak and even though he seems more calm these days, it’s still Axl! Banning him totally looks like Axl’s little revenge. So, Rick leaked his songs, Axl probably wants to kill the guy, don’t you think he is following up this story and deciding what to do with his team of lawyers, m
  5. I LOVE The Black Keys! Anything like that would be amazing.
  6. And walking from one stage to the other is like running a marathon! What a crazy world we live in! People pay for a really expensive ticket and they don’t even know who’s playing. Music is not the main thing, it’s all about the experience and of course Instagram.
  7. I don’t even think you can call industrial rock music a genre today, just like theres no new metal. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think there’s only a few bands doing something that would resemble what industrial rock was. Axl wanted to do something different in the 90s and since he enjoyed that style he had the great idea (not!) of doing something similar with GNR. I think the lesson here is: don’t be a veterinarian just because you like dogs.
  8. I would say late 2020/2021. But yes, you’re probably right about SMKC, because Myles is a crazy workaholic jut like Slash. And the other guys...well I don’t know anything about them 😁
  9. I love indie, but you have to like at least a handful of artists to pay so much for a ticket...and probably have a few friends excited to go too, so you don’t have to sit around all day, because let’s be honest festivals are a young people’s game and I’m 34!
  10. They have time. Myles is with his band, so Slash is free. Duff also finished his solo album tour. It’s just a matter of actually doing the work. After this reunion I don’t doubt anything and I don’t think Axl wants to sit around, he seems excited and happy. Besides we all know that’s not how Slash and Duff work and him sitting around would not be good for their relationship. That said, I don’t think they are worried with deadlines, they’ll do it on their own time. If I had to guess anything I would say that they’ve already done more than we think.
  11. Lolla is more of an indie/alternative kind of festival with only a few mainstream names. If you don’t like that kind of music, you’ll never like the lineup. It’s not a festival for GNR fans.
  12. First of all, you guys have an amazing memory! Congrats! Axl was a mess during that time imo. There was all the resentment with Duff and Slash, he didn’t know exactly what direction to go musically with the band, he was isolated, paranoid, there was the stuff he was dealing with since the early nineties from his childhood and if I’m not mistaken his mom died during that same time. There was also the lawsuits and the problems with managers, the record company etc. Besides the lack of communication between all of them, apparently there were many people between them causing even more pr
  13. Exactly! What about the video/audio quality?! I remember I was a teenager and used to watch these horrible VHSs, where you could only see Axl’s shadow moving. Once my room’s door was open and my dad was walking around the house. Every time he would pass in front of my room he’d take a look, until finally he couldn’t help himself but stop and ask me what the hell I was doing watching that black screen with a wheezing sound for 2,5 hours. Was there anything to watch? I had to point where Axl was and tell him what was going on, but he still couldn’t see it. 🤣
  14. I feel bad for the guy’s throat. I’m pretty sure that he has some trouble singing some songs because he used to scream like this. There’s no way the human body can take this for a long time, he is doing pretty good all things considered and I’m sooo happy we got to hear a great 2019 version of this amazing song! 👏🏻
  15. They did a great job with the song and I’m very grateful they did this for the fans, because the audience at the show was like “what’s going on?”. Hope they keep playing it (at least a few more times), so Axl is comfortable with the mic, audio, whatever it was, and can enjoy more because he was clearly tense the whole song. Even Slash seemed more concentrated than usual.
  16. If anyone finds other Locomotive videos PLEASE save them! And then share with us! Thanks in advance.
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