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  1. LOL I was downloading for a second and now I was trying to understand how Frank suggested the song and Axl was mad. How all of that was figured out in 2 minutes?
  2. because it’s axl, he likes stability. he keeps saying the same thing, wears the same clothes, sings the same songs.
  3. Axl doesn’t know who Rick is, but he surely knows whats going on and is aware and/or is responsible for the decision of banning the guy etc. This is all about his songs, of course he is following up and management wouldn’t make a decision without him knowing.
  4. She was surprised about her videos being taken down, everyone was explaining to her what was going on, so she said she would check and get back to us.
  5. Sure it is! As I said, I don’t know the details as I was away when all this happened so maybe I’m missing something. Axl is totally right to be furious, but just go after the guy legally. Making a public scene in front of the arena is not cool, it’s only giving him the attention he wants. What are they going to do from now on, check all the names and keep track of Rick forever just to prove that they can? GNR doesn’t have the best history with fans etc so why make everything even bigger?
  6. I’ve always wondered how he’s able to hide from pictures at parties and public events, even with the crew. Have you noticed that even when Meegan and Susan are filming the shows they never film just Axl, they move the camera away?
  7. I don’t know the details, but as a PR myself I’m not sure that’s the best way to handle the situation.
  8. Guys, just take a look at Meegans last post on IG. Her videos are also being taken down. It seems that the band has nothing to do with it, so maybe now they can be aware of whats going on on IG and Youtube?
  9. That’s crazy! I’ve been quoted there a few times and all we do here is speculate. They’re quoting the kings and queens of speculation as GNR experts. Who knew the crazy internet people would go so far! 🤣
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