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  1. Mario 64 Mario Kart 64 Goldeneye Majora's Mask WWF No Mercy Hitman Blood Money KOTOR Red Dead Redemption Mortal Kombat 2 GTA 5 (Online) If anyone wants to do GTA heists on PS4...I'll shoot you and steal your share of the loot!
  2. I believe that WWE Network is free right now. I just put in a fake name and email, and I have access to it. Not sure about Wrestlemania. But with the empty performance center, I have a feeling that it might suck a big dick this year anyway. That, and the fact that the current product is terrible.
  3. Bro, you live in Detroit. You're the bravest member of this forum.
  4. Unlike the rest of North America? Or just more so?
  5. Did you read the story about Frances's husband, Courtney, and Cobain's guitar? https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/frances-bean-cobains-ex-husband-sues-courtney-love-claims-she-tried-to-kill-him-to-get-kurts-guitar-back/
  6. Probably not by much though.I wouldn't be surprised if they announce it even by tomorrow. National Post
  7. I see the non essential business closure order, but no Shelter in place order yet.
  8. If you do end up hitting him, just claim self defense for 'Social distancing".
  9. A Baby Seal walks into a bar: Bartender: "What would like to drink?" Baby Seal: "Anything but a Canadian Club please!"
  10. I just completed the Casino Heist in GTA Online. I shot my teammate and stole his share (300K). See you in hell!
  11. Is COVID Quarantine a good enough excuse to break No Fap?
  12. Do you think our supply chains will hold up Downzy? What if the truckers start getting infected, and then can't/won't deliver food and other supplies? That would be even deadlier than the Virus itself.
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