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  1. What a great player and was along for the journey for almost 20 years. Really, very underrated.
  2. Going to the Meadowlands show. My sixth G n R show. My first was in 88 when I was 18. This time I am bringing my 17 year old son. I would have never believed it if you told me this in 1988......
  3. Anyone have/remember a pic of Axl in the 2005-2009 era backstage at a club with an African American duo, I think they were a soul band? He had big ass grin. Great pic.
  4. Wow. Listening to my favorite song -The Blues on CD Mix 1......incredible. The guitar sounds more free!
  5. The version that leaked circa 2006 with the airy keyboards was not good. Rough Mix 1 is savage.
  6. Dude, wasnt he "Dexter" on this board like 10 years ago. I KNOW he posted here. It was not on HTGTH
  7. Does anyone remember a candid pic of Axl circa 2006-2008 where he was hanging out smiling with some random soul band? Cant find it...
  8. UYI were PERFECT for their time. They both have something for everybody. Lots of misses, but band was at its creative peak. The tour kicked ass too. They were the biggest band in the world pre Nirvana for sure. Yeah. STP were huge back then too. Really hard to overstate how big that band was at the time.
  9. The only eras I never saw live were the Buckethead 2002 era and the NITL current era. I really only regret never seeing the Buckethead squad with goth Robin. I saw Jesus Robin and the first show with Bumble and it was awesome. I am actually more interested in anything that comes out from the Chinese demos than anything moving new forward. I think GNR is tapped out creatively. Would rather see/hear Axl DC again, which was awesome.
  10. I dont remember that well. I remember Axl calling into Trunk with Seb better though. That was in 2005 or 06. All those bootlegs were flying around and "wireless" was becoming a thing. I was in line behind Sebastian Bach at the first Hammerstein show in 06- cool guy!
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