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  1. The fact that some of these sound like a verse/chorus doubled to make a full song doesn’t necessarily excite me for more of this.
  2. I kept my order. I don’t care. 6 weeks will come just like the last 6 weeks came. Who the fuck cares? Jesus christ. Deal with it.
  3. I bought the long sleeve shirt and that shipped today. Do you think if I put that on the ol’ record player, it’ll play The General?
  4. I just won the GNR contest they had on the site. Got two shirts, the shorts, the Appetite hat, and the Appetite limited reissue. The shirts are snug for the size but the shorts are actually pretty nice.
  5. I left Metlife as soon as Nightrain started. Love that song but I do not need to hear Coma, acoustic Patience, or Paradise City ever again. I loved being home by like 11:40 instead of 1am.
  6. It’s one of the dozens and dozens of questionable decisions Axl has made on recordings since 1999. It is what it is. I’m aways going to hear it and always going to hate it. The song isn’t bad otherwise. I like it, glad to have it, and I think it’ll continue to be a decent song live.
  7. It sounds better live than the recording. Ha. No Finck solo snippet either.
  8. Everything on the radio website and twitter said official release 8/18. They were allowed to debut 24 hours early on radio.
  9. Come on dude. You know the answer to this. It’s a mostly low register song so hopefully he sounds good live.
  10. Why the fuck would they leave that Robin part in? Even my brother, who knows nothing of the track, said “whose solo got cut off there?”
  11. Not Give it Away. Soul to Squeeze from the Coneheads soundtrack.
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