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  1. What time have shows been starting on this tour? I haven’t been following too much time-wise.
  2. We know the song well, but I played it for a friend and he interpreted it as Axl trying to downplay a weird fetish or something. He said, “but in what world is a pussy full of maggots not absurd?” I never interpreted the song that way and now it makes me laugh.
  3. Somebody want to potentially grab me a lithograph if they can? You can PM if so and we can work out details. I live on the UWS and can’t make it tonight sadly. Or happily. I don’t know at this point.
  4. Is this shit gonna happen every concert? Been coming here and reading sporadically for 15 years and I genuinely enjoy the takes from certain people, but it’s kind of ridiculous to force people to pay. I appreciate the effort, but I didn’t decide to run this forum. May as well join the Nightrain board at that point. I get it, but it’s gonna alienate people. Passing off costs is bad. Maybe start a gofundme and have it be community-run at this point.
  5. I got lucky and snagged one on Amoeba for $5. No picture so I just gambled that it was red and that’s the luckiest I’ve ever been.
  6. I actually really liked Finck in the band. The fun thing about him was he changed a bunch of solos to how he plays and I didn’t mind. Really liked a few of them too. I’ll be damned if I don’t bend some of SCOM notes the way he did. But Slash doesn’t play a lot of the solos even remotely close and that annoys me.
  7. I enjoy it quite a bit. After 10+ years of the album being out, I think it’s one of the more interesting songs on the album. I always feel like Shackler’s doesn't get the love it deserves, either. Killer choruses.
  8. I’d check out a pro shot and I’d be fine with it. But I’ve seen them enough times since 2016 to know that I don’t think I’d pay any more than like $50 to see them live now and I’d leave before Paradise City just to beat the rush out. I never thought it’d happen and I’m truly glad I got to see Axl and Slash share a stage again. It was 10 years too late and I think it should probably end, but who am I to say that everyone has had enough. These lazy tours give Slash enough money to tour his own material in 800 seat casinos in his spare time, so I get it. Guns will do it as long as they sell seats and they will always sell seats.
  9. For some reason in my head they’re bigger than that. Thanks!
  10. Anybody know the measurements/frame measurements of the NY MSG Gangs of New York lithos? I’m back in NY and the posters are in storage, so I haven’t been able to measure. I’d like to get UV frames but can’t find measurements anywhere.
  11. Eventually I’d like to grab ones from both 2016 NJ Metlife shows even though both suck. The first seems easy to fake so I’ll probably never pay for them just because.
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