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  1. Rose bar is cool with howling opening like the early days.
  2. Very good stuff. Reminds me of Chicago and Nashville ‘16. Great to attend.
  3. Maybe we shouldn’t blame Fernando. Maybe axl had to finally watch some of his recent live clips and realized putting that out for the world to see might actually affect future ticket sales.
  4. Does anyone think there will be anything pro shot and cool; or just the cell phone stuff they use on their social media accounts?
  5. Maybe I did miss his point. I think your analysis of the rhetoric technique is probably what he was doing and he was not advocating to actually turn people away.
  6. I do not know how my response made it look like I was quoting you. I tried to edit something and i didn’t notice it came out like that. My bad.
  7. Axl didnt leave his house. Beyond that. His hot takes are boring.
  8. Wow If that makes you feel better. His point is not to treat covid patients is they went to to the beach. If you agree with the recluse, say so
  9. What does that mean? His quote Literally was a question regarding whether or not to provide care for people if they protested.
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