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  1. 10 hours ago, SoulMonster said:

    I don't think his point is that health care personnel shouldn't treat patients who went to the beach - it's a rhetoric technique to should how absurd it is for sheriffs to not enforce social distancing rules by saying, "Well if the sheriffs can choose not to protect others, why can't doctors do the same to morons who got themselves infected by refusing to social distance?"

    And do I agree with Axl on this? Yeah, of course. 

    Maybe I did miss his point. 

    I think your analysis of the rhetoric technique is probably what he was doing and he was not advocating to actually turn people away. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, SoulMonster said:

    I never wrote that. Not sure what your point is by dragging in his economy. The sense in sheriffs enforcing social distancing rules on the beaches of California remains the same regardless of the wealth of whoever made the point. But I probably misunderstood you :)

    I do not know how my response made it look like I was quoting you. I tried to edit something and i didn’t notice it came out like that.  My bad. 

  3. There’s been presale after presale I’m not even sure what the term presale means in it’s literal sense. there’s no way I’m paying the outlandish, over priced face value for tickets this Summer.

    I bought horrible seats at face value last show. The day of the show, for the same price of face value top row seats, ya could have sat on the floor of an arena show. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, DannyVinyard said:

    Axl sounded and looked 100 times better in 2002 than he does now. There is a stark difference between Axl's clean singing (2002) and Axl's mickey singing (2011-present). The 2002 VMA's Axl/Guns N' Roses is a dream compared to what we have now.

    Not sure I’d go this far. I get the frustration. but the 2002 tour singing with power was not what happened at the vmas that night 

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