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  1. 42 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

    Lol, what? 

    My point is : people are requesting lyrics for unheard songs. Asking for lyrics to unheard songs is stupid   

    I made the mistake in 2005 and read IRS lyrics before hearing even the demo. 

    Also. Sorry Russ. I’ve read like at least 87 of your posts. And then when you respond to one of my, lack of insight posts, it’s only due to my grammar errors. 

  2. Just now, Locke said:

    Respectfully disagree with you guys. It's a perfect one-two punch. Duff seems content doing his thing and he's awesome at it, but Axl commands the stage as well as any singer I've ever seen, and Slash is just a brilliant player. If the last 25 years or so have taught me anything it's that these guys belong together. They produce some very good music on their own, but all three are at their best together.

    Completely agree. I was at the show and it's he best gnr show I've seen since I started attending shows in 2002. We are at this awesome point where axl and slash are in the same band and playing with cohesion. Pick favorites if you want, but I think the trio together and with chemistry reaches the highest level that individually isn't attainable. 

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  3. I'm still laughing that Axl turns the first verse of Jungle into You're Crazy for about seven seconds :lol:

    Right! How bizarre. When I watch that I wonder if he was just going through the motions and if that's what he does in the back for vocal warmups or some shit and just kinda forgot what he was doing?? No clue. It's just a very strange performance among other things.

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