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  1. 2006 was the last time the band seemed like a beast. Not sure who was added or who left but the raw hard rock organic feeling is gone.

    That's easy isn't it?

    Finck out, Ashba #terrible #emobitch #bulliedcrybaby #poser in.

    I know it's ashba. I was trying to watch the pro shot of 2012 HOB Chicago yesterday to relive the show. During the end of jungle-best part- camera followed ashba as he turned his guitar upside and started frolicking around. Axl nails the end of the song and all I could do is sigh and say "aw god damn it ".

  2. I think in the past, we knew there was still time. Now we are seeing it's all lost. My personal outlook has been much more negative. And I'm about to quit visiting Sites like this. I probably already would have if the leaks never happened. Seems like the only chance at ever hearing a new song will be some one posting a link on a forum before the link is removed.

  3. Jordan rose said: None of it makes any sense. Even if the entire biz has been against Axl and the new band and made it impossible for him to do the above, why has he become the opposite of the guy who in 1992 said he didn't want to 'jack off' and bore himself and the fans by playing Appetite every night? "

    Exactly. Rose said he wanted to bury appetite. Instead he burried his new band in it. Severel times

  4. Anyone else think this whole DVD announcement of a potential release was just a play by rockfuel to create a buzz to give them strength in negotiating a release?

    As we know, Axl resents being strongarmed into doing something. There is absolutely no way Rock Fuel would have attempted such a crazy ploy.

    They wouldn't have announced anything unless GNR management and Interscope had approved every detail..

    It's the only way Chinese democracy was released. Just looks like a desperate move by a company that had nothing to lose anyway. The record label prob said "sure. Good luck."

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