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  1. So u guys really check this board just to see about tour updates? Or do u have the shred of hope your gonna see a rumor about a new album? Or maybe a new leaked song? I agree I don't think anything is likely for a while and the longer the while the less likely anything will ever be released again. But if I thought a new album was a definitive "no," I would stop checking rumor boards

  2. I was making a reference to when southpark made fun of slash.

    I think it's remarkable gnr could sell enough for an arena tour last year in he US. Axl is one of the only people that can pull that off. Maybe he won't anymore without new music. Who knows? Who really cares that much? If you want to see it go see it, if not then it sucks to be u and stay home.

  3. It reminds me of a band excited to play new material and audiences excited to hear it. Stark difference from a band whos biggest pop is playing a song from the old catalog. Don't get me wrong i liked seeing them play the old songs but the video just shows a group looking to accomplish something new and we don't see that anymore.

  4. Most of America doesn't care about the elections, I'm sure Axl falls into this category.

    Agreed. All politicians do is fuck you over.Democrat, Republican, etc. it's all a bunch of bullshit just to get people riled up active and picking sides for debate and excitement. I vote for who I believe is the best candidate available.

    I would imagine Axl would do the same..

    Thats why you should go for Ron Paul wich is totally different from the other canidates. Young people in the states seems to get that now.

    We can only hope he'd be that cool. Ron Paul could have won but the GOP was scared as shit by him

  5. I can agree with that. My first post was in terms of Gnr touring the biggest economy in the world and how they did. I used "important" differently than you just did. European markets are way more friendly for Gnr and axl. US media is in love with axl being the asshole narrative. Or fat and it's annoying as shit

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