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  1. I love the irony. People would rather sit on here and post shit and complain during the show thread than watch the show for five fucking dollars. Of thats your case and your talking about no longer following this band then just give up already cuz thats a pretty pathetic scenario

  2. Everyone talking about new songs needs to get a grip. After the same setlist gets turned in all the children will come here and stomp their feet for the band not filling an expectation that some of the fans created this afternoon.

  3. That's cuz he rock hall of fame isn't the official spokes person for fans of rock. They serve themselves. Same as everyone else. Not saying its good or bad but it's certainly not some great thing for fans everywhere

  4. If axl played with the old lineup it would discredit the new band and any material they plan on releasing. One night of reunion would dump all the ahit he's been working on. Plus. It's the rock hall of fame. It really has very little to do with the fans.

  5. I was there. I've seen him sing better. But he sounded great last night. I was hoping they would get his mic higher in the mix. That's my only complaint. Besides for that he was awesome and super active on stage. By the way. Fortus is a machine. I don't know ahit about playing the guitar but I can't believe he can rock that hard for a whole show

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