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  1. He's like a fat neutered puppy compared to what he was from 2002-2010, 06-10 being his most recent peak vocal years.
  2. Is it negativity or reality at this point? You know what you're getting. I think going in with false hopes of a different set, new music, or Axl sounding anything better than mickey shit is setting yourself up for disappointment.
  3. Got tickets to MetLife last minute for about 20 bucks last time on Stubhub. If I choose to go - which is 99% unlikely, that's the route to take.
  4. "The new album"... LOL does anyone in their right mind believe there is going to be a new album at this point? They don't have to. They've proven that. Slash and Duff can still do their solo stuff, while still touring on this cash cow.
  5. It's to the point where I'm embarrassed for some performers - Axl included.
  6. I've come to grips with it. It's a nostalgia act. Kudos to the guys for milking it this long. I'm never gonna fault an artist for taking advantage of dumb people. They've milked this cash cow excessively long with no end in sight. Remarkable business management.
  7. People who say they "prefer" the mickey mouse falsetto are literally only saying that because that's all we have left. A fat man pushing 60 with a wig that Donald Trump could laugh at, squeaking out all these songs. It's an embarrassment and needs to be laid to rest. I remember when Guns N' Roses were "cool." There was a dangerous element to the band. It's a complete and utter joke now. Axl is a parody of himself. I know people aren't gonna be pleased with some of those words, but it's tough love time. You can't keep feeding into a mediocre product, because if you keep paying for this garb
  8. The ballads are cringeworthy. It sounds like Herbert the Pervert from family guy with that shrill, nasaly falsetto. A few songs are passable, but the entire GNR catalog was designed to be sung by a guy in his 20's with power to his voice. Not singling Axl out either - it is just as sad watching Motley Crue, or Bon Jovi, and most bands from that era try to perform songs that are just grossly out of their wheelhouse anymore.
  9. Don't mean to be a killjoy, but I can't fathom how anyone can listen to this and think it is anything short of abysmal. I accept that it is probably the best he can do at this point - turning 58 this month. But, they continue to sell out and make money, so who cares? When people are buying your garbage product, what motivation do you have to improve upon it if people are continuing to pour out money for it. I was disappointed in '16, and can honestly say I haven't given GNR a dime since then.
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