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  1. Very few people are aware but a video for the song was actually filmed in early 1994 and features Jim Leishman as the main protagonist. Bootleg tapes alleged to contain the unreleased promo were said to have been available from a regular seller at Kinross Market in the early 2000s but no further information has ever surfaced.
  2. They could at least do with that drummer lad who looks like one of the heels from Harry Potter. Great player.
  3. Casual punters watching and commenting about how Slash had discovered hair straighteners and eyeshadow.
  4. Dundee Barry heard the roar of the jetpack outside his kitchen window (10th floor) one night and shat it.
  5. That's a blast from the past! I know I used to be on there a bit but can't really remember much about it.
  6. The beard is probably near white now although it'd disguise any double chin 😄
  7. Ross County... https://i.ytimg.com/vi/6zkL91LzCMc/maxresdefault.jpg
  8. Disappointed there's not been an outburst from yer man Sawers yet... Circus of a boy.
  9. Killie gone from the Scottish Premiership. Not overly bothered about the whole plastic pitch gimmick but it's a shite away day. Dundee back up is good as we always take a good crowd through there and vice versa. Plenty of decent boozers there too.
  10. Not overly arsed about a reissue of the Illusions. I'd only really be interested if they remixed and remastered the records and maybe also released decent quality demos and live material. Still above all would prefer to hear new music.
  11. Granted he sounds a little bit older and maybe there's not that same power as of years back but it's still unmistakably Axl. Just a shame that he's unable/unwilling to do that for most live performances.
  12. It is weird how he seems to be doing that these days. He's no shredder. Wondered if it's almost a case of competition with 4Tus who's fairly competent at really fast, technical stuff. Wish he'd just play to his strengths.
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