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  1. Pretty sure Rock The Rock was recorded in 2017. Obviously he sounds a bit older than the "classic" material but it's still instantly recognisable as Axl singing. Also, one of the lads involved in the creation of the tune said that he was only in the studio for a few hours for the session so it's not like he took a ludicrous amount of time just for one song. If he did any other recording around that time then you'd figure it'd be half decent. What he can do at this point though is anyone's guess.
  2. I think if they kept it in the original format, it'd be a great tune to open with. Maybe have the actual into part just as a tape for the band to come onstage, lights on and the drum roll in for the full band kicking into the song.
  3. Just get him one of these to stomp on for the chorus.
  4. Pele is putting you on his list of enemies. You're in for it now.
  5. Regardless of the quality of the material, both ABBA and Maiden have very professional management who would ensure that stuff is promoted properly.
  6. I like the idea of an unaware Slash calling the number out of curiosity and being outraged when it's answered.
  7. It redirects to Paul Tobias' mobile. He was in Tesco when he answered and said he was a bit busy at the moment.
  8. Only so much they can do though when Axl can't be arsed to record new vocals. Everything is going to be on a grid so it's pretty challenging to get it sounding natural.
  9. Much like Absurd, it sounds like it's just Slash on it, unless Fortus is using a very similar tone and the same parts. Obviously more akin to "classic" Guns but it sounds a bit sterile. Always felt Slash is at his best when paired with a tasty rhythm player.
  10. It's just that "hey hey" gimmick he does. You could hear it in one of the HS soundcheck videos.
  11. It's at least identifiable as GN'R. Hopefully at least creates a bit of buzz ahead of a proper record.
  12. Gimmick infringement from Alice Cooper.
  13. GNFNR EP (Autumn 2021) 1. HardSkool 2. Shire Park 3. Absurd (Live) 4. Alane (Wes cover ft Robin Finck) 5. Sunset Yellow
  14. RE the Spotify thing, perhaps someone who knows how these things work could explain better but I'm wondering if initially, a load of people were searching "Guns N' Roses Hard Skool" (or variations on the theme) and because of some algorithm, that's why now whenever you type in Hard Skool, it's showing Guns. At the same time though, there's the girl who claimed that Axl said it'll be released soon so it may be that Spotify have added at least the tags for the track to their system ahead of the song going live.
  15. You'd hope that in terms of non crew/catering people backstage, they'd only let them in if they showed a negative lateral flow test result. Even one person positive could bollocks up a good part of the tour.
  16. If Axl could still deliver, I'd love to see the band do TWAT with Bucket. Don't see it happening at all though. To most casual punters, the Chinese songs are for the most part a curiosity. You'd inevitably just get chat of "some lad with a mask and a bucket on his head did a guitar solo. Don't know what the song was". Obviously the smaller element of marks in the audience would be going mental.
  17. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they did the Absurd thing and just straight up removed the high raspy chorus. Replace it with Axl just shouting "Hard School" in his normal voice 😄 It'd at least mean it'd be feasible to reproduce live.
  18. Ah yeah that's what I was meaning. With it just being from the in ears, it's not great to listen to in terms of a nice mix but it's fun to hear all the shenanigans that we didn't hear out front.
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