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  1. hey thats fine and yeah was good was worth a watch
  2. Yeah fair point it was in a interview she did but yeah anything before the divorce she apparently got half off but who knows suppose it’s really between them. I think no one knows the real reason but they are back together so it can only be good
  3. i dont know much about usa and there rules but he had no prenup she apparenly was like his personal asstance aswell from what a read she got half of everthing all sales he made from his solo carerer and loads more and so much for the kids who one is like 17 and the other is like 19 or so wasnt a very wise move though marriage with no pre nup but hey thats there life but if he paid her millions and she got half of stuff could be the reason he is so skint or was who knows she took him to the cleaners,,,
  4. Maybe he just enjoys it more now hes seems more calmer aswell also heard the reason for the renuion was slash was skint as his ex wife took him for millions think she got half of his fortune but then again noone really knows why
  5. hey am in the uk and watched it someone on fb posted it cant rember the name i can find it for u if u want
  6. i get my vaccine in march but in regards to concerts i think we can kiss goodbye to this year maybe even next even with a vaccine u can still catch and spread it and there are so many no wanting the vaccine be a long time before concerts will be bk u got to rember there are like 20k people jumping about. im in scotland and vaccines have already started...
  7. no chance this year in scotland we seem to be doing no bad in the vaccines but will take time to get it all done and with alot not getting it its still never going to go away..... i am piority for the vaccine so should get it in a few months but i think no concerts at least for the next few years at least,,
  8. we only have a renuion tour seem appartley slash had to pay half his money to the ex wife plus csa for his kids and she was his manager or something and with no prenub she took half it i am am massive guns fan but i think in my opioion its time to hang up the boots and retire he can sometimes sound brill but alot not its been the same set list for 4 years with songs adeed now and then noone looks happy it is all about money as they make some amount of money touring but there again noone should be skint lol
  9. even bigger guess who has a crack sack and balls wax haha
  10. He does mumble it but does sound like wife from what I've read they got married in 08 but its not a relationship it was more of a business thing that what a found on another site who knows along as there happy thats all that matters
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