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  1. I think you're right. There are several jams from 2006, in particular Robin Finck solo's, that may be actual songs.
  2. The recording is from TB, i guess. It's exactly the same snippet as the original "checkmate" leak, probably to fuck around with us.
  3. Neither do i, because gnr released CD in the same year as acdc´s Black Ice and Metallica, Death Magnetic.
  4. Yep, very nice song. Unfortunately, chinese democracy has been over-produced, which makes it hard to hear his guitar work. I would love an album with just Robin on lead guitar + an album with just Buckethead on lead guitar. But hey, we all want "something" in the world of gnr.
  5. Yes, something like; i withdraw my accusations against fernando because there will be a new (surprise) album this friday.
  6. Exactly. Ik saw sofine's post @ htgth and then it was suddenly removed, while all other of his claims did not. That makes me curious.
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