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  1. I think it's because of the (possible) "new record". There have been years of problems/discussions with the record label. He already wanted to release Chinese Democracy in 2000 but the record label refused to release it untill 2008 (with terms he did not agree with, so he didn't do any kind of promotion). He wanted to release "CD2" in 2010, but the label refused the release, again... Now, since Slash and Duff are back in the band, the record label is finally interested in releasing a new album. Problem is, gnr owes the record company 1 album before they are "free". I guess the label wants to milk that out, but apparently a deal has been made considering the upcoming release. To sum up: after years of struggle he finally managed to get rid of the label, wich makes him more happy.
  2. Well, i realy like this reworked version, and the fact that Axl is just trolling us haha
  3. I think you're right. There are several jams from 2006, in particular Robin Finck solo's, that may be actual songs.
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