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  1. I love dolphins. 

    1. BlueJean Baby

      BlueJean Baby

      I do too. They are awesome 🐬

    2. Oldest Goat

      Oldest Goat

      Thanks for the cool site update @downzy the 'new content starts here' marker in threads is a nice touch.

      P.S. Everyone's only ever getting dolphins from me from now on.

  2. Europe-bound for a week. Y'all best behave yourselves while I'm gone...

    1. ZoSoRose


      Time to burn the forum down

    2. Powerage5
    3. DieselDaisy



      'Oop the irons' (as they say in Yorkshire).

  3. Holy shit, Twisted Sister are one of the greatest fucking live bands I've ever seen. 

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    2. st0n3r


      Live they are a force to be reckoned with. Very much energy. Glad I saw them 3 times. 

    3. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      I agree… though I don't enjoy their music, they're brilliant live, and their Big Hits and Nasty Cuts is a really exceptional live album.

    4. st0n3r


      I don't own any of their albums and know 3 or 4 songs. I still enjoyed them immensely. Look at this, their first show in Belgium in 20+ years: 


  4. Went and saw Bran Castle today - that was pretty freaking amazing. 

    1. bran


      it might not look like much, but i call it home.

  5. Bon Jovi can suck my dick. 

  6. Slash is back in GN'R, Axl is in AC/DC, and Danzig is back in The Misfits. 2016 is turning into a hell of a year!

  7. Asia bound for 2 weeks. Next stop, Tokyo!!!

  8. Counting down the hours until I leave for Asia. I don't think I've ever been this excited for a trip before :) 

    1. Słash


      Where you heading? have a safe trip!

    2. Powerage5


      Japan and China for 2 weeks

    3. Słash


      Thats pretty cool man. Have a nice time, Enjoy!

  9. When a venue feels the need to put up a sign specifying you can't bring your guns into the arena, you know it'll be a fun night. 

    1. PITBOSS


      there better be some guns this weekend at the venue

  10. Fuck the GN'R reunion, bring on Axl/DC!

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    2. ZoSoRose


      Disagree! Reunion or bust

    3. Georgy Zhukov

      Georgy Zhukov

      Reunion is cool and all, but holy fuck Axl/DC  should be a thing. 

    4. James Bond

      James Bond

      Democracy or Bust World Tour

  11. Bro, empty your fuckin' inbox!

    1. Mansin Humanity

      Mansin Humanity

      lol literally the first time in almost 10 years. should be all good now

  12. Day drunk in Boston by noon. God bless Harpoon!!!

  13. Mexico es muy excelente!!!

  14. Florida bound for the opening night of the Maiden tour :shades: 

    1. gunsguy


      Stay warm eh?!

  15. Hard to believe I joined MyGNRForum ten years ago today. Ten years of forum drama. Ten years discussing the circus that is GN'R (I mean that in the best possible way). Ten years of chatting with you hooray for tolerance!s. Here's to ten more :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. downzy


      Crazy, you joined one day before me :)

      Wasn't this around the time the presale action was happening for the Hammerstein shows?

    3. ZoSoRose


      hooray for tolerance!s

    4. Powerage5


      @downzy I don't think that was quite yet; I remember IRS and Better leaked the day before I joined, and TWAT leaked on the day I joined. I didn't think Hammerstein got announced until after the leaks, but I could be wrong...

  16. Thank the lawd for chicken wings and beer!

  17. Take me home tonight.

    1. Eddie Money

      Eddie Money

      Thanks for the message.  Powerage5.  

      See you out on the tour.  Here's an autograph for you and your's. 

      Your very welcome,


      My Autograph.jpg

    2. Powerage5


      You da real mvp, Eddie :awesomeface:

    3. ZoSoRose


      Lol, this account is so weird 

  18.  is it that a round trip flight from Beijing to Tokyo is almost as much as JFK to Beijing? :confused:

  19. Had my grandfather's funeral today, and the two gigs I was going to this weekend both got cancelled because of the storm - NOT the birthday weekend I had in mind :(

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    2. Georgy Zhukov

      Georgy Zhukov

      Stay strong, brother.

    3. Strange Broue
    4. Kittiara


      Sorry to hear that. =( My condolences.

  20. That door is a damned dirty whore.

    1. bacardimayne
    2. bran


      One isn't enough!

    3. AxlisOld


      CHRIST that door's a whore.

  21. All y'all muthafuckas need to get your asses into My World and check out the Mayer Hawthorne thread, get some soul in your lives. 6 pages of discussion, and it's all me, Russ, and Amir.

    1. Johnny Drama

      Johnny Drama

      You're all hooray for tolerance!s. Especially the Iranian one.

    2. Powerage5
  22. Warm. Black. Dingus.

    1. bacardimayne


      You're a real imaginative hooray for tolerance! aren't you?

    2. bran


      never looking at a blanket the same way again

    3. Len Cnut
  23. You ever notice the nights when you need to get a good night's sleep most, are the nights you can't seem to get to sleep?

  24. Got drawn for waiting list tickets to Wacken next year. Should I go, or should I pass on it? Hmm...

  25. The feeling I get when I see Ashba listed as "former GN'R guitarist" on the TV guide listing for his episode of Tanked is sublime.

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    2. Uncle Bob
    3. axlslash


      I too am honored and proud that Dj Ashba was a member of Guns N' Roses, and I am glad to see him carry on the name.

      Oh, is that not what you meant? :P

    4. Powerage5
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